Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life Update

A.C.: YES, after 10 days of staying with the in-laws (thank goodness!) our A.C. was repaired. I believe it was just in time, as I think the weather has been in the 90's each day since the repair.

False Hope: The week before Father's Day I took a HPT and had a positive (2 line) result. I was ecstatic, but tried to remain cautious. As it was still extremely early, my plan was to take further tests closer to Father's Day in order to surprise DH. Sighs. Two days later when I took both a two-liner and digital a HPT they were both negative within a minute. Of course AF arrived within a few additional days. Drat.

--I recently saw a billboard that says, "Letting go and giving up are not the same thing." I've been really, really working on letting isn't working yet.

School: Two former students helped me move all of my work belongings into my AWESOME new classroom. Nothing will be unpacked or settled until the end of summer, but I am relieved to not have to worry about my stuff over the summer.

--Still awaiting the FCAT scores from this spring's test. Anxious to see how my students fared.

Books: I've been reading up a storm. (How I love summer!) Current favorites include the "Kingdom Keepers" series by Ridley Pearson. These youth/teen books are up my alley as they are suspense novels which take place at the Disney World theme parks...WAY cool! Also the new Rick Riordan book, "The Red Pyramid" was a great read. I love how he incorporates history (ancient Egyptian in this case) into his plot development.

Vacation: We'll be leaving this week for a 2-week vacation in Ohio. I look forward to time with my family!

Eclipse: The latest "Twilight" film comes out this week! My father-in-law has graciously agreed to babysit Emma for 2 hours (until DH can pick her up after work.) This will enable me to attend a triple feature with 2 of my friends from work. We'll be seeing "Twilight," "New Moon," and then the midnight premiere of "Eclipse." My bum will be SO tired, but it will be SO worth it! :)

Playdates: Em and I have been keeping pretty busy this summer. A new teacher at my school has a daughter who is 6. We've been on 2 playdates with them...Em and her daughter get along great. In addition, we've been on 2 playdates with a friend we met via Emma's pre-school. The mom used to work at the front desk where parents sign in at the school. I made a new friend! Yay! We graduated from high school the same year, both majored in social work/psychology areas which we are no longer working in, both love movies, etc. Anyway, Em and the school gal's son play together wonderfully. (Though he is a year and 3 months older than Em, he is a sweetie whom Emma described as "gentle." Awww!)

Blog: It seems as though I've been on hiatus lately. I started this blog as an online scrapbook and journal for myself. Due to my TTC issues, it became more personal and baby-longing focused than I originally intended. Thus, sometimes I don't want to write because I feel like a downer. I feel like I am going in my heart's desires are going around and around a track, yet they continue to prefer to veer to a new path one day. It is such a conundrum. My heart longing for a second child. My mind trying to rationalize that I need to "let go" and move on and STOP STRESSING and see what happens. I don't write much, sadly...because there doesn't seem to be anything new to write.

Haircut Girls: Em and I both got haircuts. Short for summer. :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

End of the School Year Wrap-Up

Family: First and foremost, a huge shout out to my DH's parents who have graciously allowed DH, Em, and I to crash at their place for a to-be-determined amount of time. The air conditioning at our house broke....which when the heat index is in the 100's is IMPOSSIBLE to survive in! A repair man was there on Tuesday, but needed to order a part which will take 3-10 days to arrive. My in-laws have fed us, let us mooch their guest room, office area ( Em sleeps on the couch in the office,) living room space in the evenings, etc. THANK GOODNESS! We spent only one night at our place post-A.C. breakage and it was hot and miserable and I couldn't sleep. Yikes! Thank you, thank you, thank you, C&C!

(--And WOOHOO for amazing Home Owner's insurance. The A.C. compressor would have cost around $5,000 if we had to pay out of pocket. Fortunately, all we have to pay is the $60 fee for the repair visit to our house. Whew!

Emma: Em's Pre-K graduation was last week. SOOOO bittersweet. I hope to eventually have a post (with photos) just about this event...if I can get back to blog land on a regular basis.

School: I'm typing this in my classroom as I am waiting to get dressed for the annual 8th Grade Dance. Can't wait to see my school kiddos gussied up....this is one of my favorite school events of the year!

--I spoke to my principal today. It is 100% definite that I will be moving to 6th grade next year. Part of me will miss my 8th graders.... However, I'm super excited about the reading program for ESOL students that I'll be heading. (Which could mean I'll also have one class of 7th and 8th graders.) Cool!

--Did I mention I get to move to a huge classroom with windows! WOOHOO! Out of my windowless hole...I'm loving it! I look forward to having a nice reading area, like I had at my prior school, since I'll finally have ample classroom space. (I've already spoken to a teacher who is retiring---she's going to sell the 2 comfy chairs in her classroom to me! $30. Sweet!)

--Part of why I've been away from the blogging world is because I've been swamped since a teacher in my department resigned last month. I'm stuck keying his grades and attendance into the computer system, because long-term subs aren't permitted to do "official" documentation. Bah hum bug!

--The field trip this week went well! Sadly, the new Harry Potter ride and HP area of the Islands of Adventure park doesn't open until mid-June. So other than a cool photo of the outside of the Hogwarts Castle, I wasn't able to have any Harry Potter time. Sighs. Most importantly, the students were well behaved and didn't drive us chaperones too nutty. I had a fun time!

--This year is my 7th year teaching. Through the years I've received some small cards and gifts from students and/or their parents as "thank yous" for a job well done. I always appreciate the acknowledgement! Generally these gifts are not expensive, and I certianly do NOT expect them to be. But holy WOWSERS. Guess what a student gave me yesterday? His mother even emailed me to make sure I received it. A $100.00 gift certificate to Starbucks. WOW! (And yes, that was one HUNDRED, not an error.) I still can't believe it! Entirely TOO much and TOO kind. I am gracious! And I totally got a Frappichino on the way to work this morning! :)

--I just finished an amazing book called Larger-Than-Life Lara. I used it as a read aloud with my students. The book teaches a lesson about bullying along with teaching story elements. For example, 3 of the last 4 chapters of the book are titled "Rising Action," "Climax," and "Resolution." My students loved the book overall. THANKS to my sister, Laurel for introducing me to this novel! :) A short, fun read I'd recommend to anyone who reads aloud to 3rd-8th graders. (Almost too young for my 8th graders, but I was able to tie it into some stories about bullying that were in our textbook.)

Questions: My friends, I leave you with 2 questions...

1st---Does anyone know what happened to Fishsticks and Fireflies?? (Is she ok? Did she go private? Is there a way I can email her and ask to be added to her new blog readers' list?)

2nd---What are your thoughts on PRIVATE versus PUBLIC education???
-I went to private school from Pre-K through 6th grade, and then attended public school for the rest of my schooling.
-Though I was raised in a small town (only 3 elementary schools and 1 high school) I believe there was a definite difference in the behavior and academic grades of my peers who attended private school (for elementary only) versus those who did not. In my particular class, the high school valedictorian and 2 co-salutatorians were 3 students who graduated from my 6th grade private school class with me. We all then attended public school from 7-12. And still out of 300+ students, the top 3 were all from a private school elementary background. Interesting.
-I am excited to have my daughter in a school nearby the school where I teach. When I enrolled her in Kindergarten for next year, it was at the "A" rated school across the street from mine, but it is public. My mama heartstrings have been tugging a TON recently wondering if DH and I made the right choice. Part of me worries about not having her in a private school setting. (She's already reading----will her new teacher differentiate instruction, or force Em to be bored and back to basic ABC's; will Em get in trouble for being "bored" if she's off task----her private school Pre-K teacher this year was dynamite about re-directing her and finding activities for her to do at HER level; Lastly, will Em miss the Christian atmosphere and learning Bible verses and songs that are at her private Pre-K? (When she recites and sings them now it reminds me of my own childhood.)
-I want the best for my girl. Am I over-reacting as I wonder if she will be able to obtain the "best" at a public school? I ask this as an educator at a public school.... It is such a difficult call to make. How much of the child's knowledge and behavior is based on the PARENTS and how much is based on the SCHOOL? As a teacher, I believe there is a definite difference between students who do and do not have parental support. Am I wrong in thinking that if DH and I continue to provide a loving, educational background that Em can achieve the best in life no matter what her school setting?

Thanks for letting me ramble, Dear Readers. I'd love to hear your thoughts!