Friday, November 7, 2008

Sick Day

I stayed home from school today. I have been congested, have a sore throat and just feel BLECK. I took Em to her preschool/daycare, and then I came home. I watched Obama's acceptance speech (I had fallen asleep before it earlier in the week.) How moving! I love that he was gracious, yet humble. Not gloating and victorious as some prior president-elects...just very matter-of-fact. Along with supporting many of Obama's platforms, I also think it is wonderful that the U.S. will finally have a minority president. That people who lived through Jim Crow laws and the Civil Rights movement will have an African American president within their lifetime. I agree with Obama, it is time for change!

After watching Obama's speech, I slept and slept. So much for sipping tea and watching sappy movies, like I thought I would do when I scheduled the day off. I crashed hard. Guess my body needed the rest. Last weekend, we took Em to Urgent Care because she had been coughing and running a slight fever. She's been on antibiotics all week. Yesterday, I felt it coming on. I called my pharmacy and had my antibiotic Rx from last spring refilled. Hoping that by taking today off, I'll have "kicked it" before school on Monday. I just didn't have the energy to deal with my students today.

Last week I finally got the check from the insurance company of the man who wrecked into my car back in September. (Were there enough prepositions in that sentence? I'm tired!) Next Tuesday when school is closed for Veteran's Day, I'll drop my car off at the repair shop, and will get a rental car (paid for by his insurance) for use while my car is in the shop. Hassle of the season: they had to cancel the initial check because they erroneously mailed it to me at the address of my co-worker who was a passenger in my car at the time of the accident. Sighs. That is why it has taken so long for me to obtain the repair $$. I am hoping that the body shop will be able to repair it for the price of the check (approx $650)...and in 3 days or less. Otherwise, Tuesday will be spent making phone calls for more $$ and more rental car days. Ugh.

2 quick Halloween memories before I forget: 1. DH was able to make it this year! The past few years, he has gotten home after we were finished trick-or-treating. Due to Jacksonville always having trick-or-treat on actual Halloween, we always had to go early so Em could be in bed for school the next morning. This year with Halloween on a Friday (and with Em being a little older,) we went trick-or-treating a little bit later. Aaron caught up with us before we were even half way around the block. It was nice family bonding. We both enjoyed watching Em, who was adamant about ringing the doorbells by herself. There were a few houses with creepy Halloween decor that Em would "sneak" by declaring, "I'm not scared!" It was cute. 2. Em was tickled that in the "Wizard of Oz" books, Dorothy and her friends wear glasses in order to view the Emerald City. She thought it was neat to dress up as a character who wears glasses. :)

Oh! And a Halloween when I picked Em up at school, her teacher had photos of the students in their Halloween attire. There are only 4 girls in Em's class. As you know, Em was Dorothy. ALL 3 of the other girls were dressed as Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty.) Too funny! Em told me "they were all Aurora" when I asked her last week, but I thought she was exaggerating, or couldn't remember. (Btw---Em was Aurora last year. Maybe they are all wannabes? JOKE!)

Quick shout-outs:

--To Auntie Michelle: for sending Em a really cute, cuddly stuffed lion as a belated birthday gift. Em named the lion Furry. She loves him. She took the lion for their weekly "Sharing Day this past Wednesday." On Sharing Day, kids bring a toy from home and let the other students take turns playing with it all day. Furry was a hit. :)

--To Auntie Meghan--Happy belated B-day (Oct 7th.)

--To Auntie Laurel---Happy belated B-day (Nov 6th.)

--To my parents and Laurel---they'll be coming for Thanksgiving. Having their visit to look forward to is helping me truck through this quarter. (I can't wait until winter break---my reading endorsement class will be over, and the critical thinking class I'm teaching will be over too!)

--DH finally started running again. His knee is doing better. He has a new half marathon goal... I think it is in March?? I'll have to find out.

And an Emmaism before I go:
I asked Em what job she wants when she is a grown up. She enthusiastically responded, "A ticket taker at the movies!"

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Em, Adrian and the other kiddos were able to wear their Halloween costumes to their MyGym class this past Weds.

Am I cute, or what?

Em and Adrian climb on a ladder during "free play."

Em swings on the bar.

Adrian's turn.

Climbing a wall-ladder

"Will you hold my glasses while I flip around?"

Adrian's group during class rotation

Emma's group during class rotation. (Adrian's mom and I LOVED the Ninja Turtle costume next to Em. SO cute!)

View of the gym.

Emma was the line leader when the group rotated stations.

Em flips around the bar.

And holds herself up on top of the bar

Adrian's turn to flip.

Em on the rolling mat.

Adrian's turn

Adrian on the balance beam

Em's turn


On Halloween Em and her classmates wore costumes to school. They went trick-or-treating at the offices within their school building. It was a little chilly, so Em needed long sleeves and tights. I think the outfit was super! Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa! :)

Happy Halloween!

Our first try with jack-o-lantern stencils...

Ghost jack-o-lantern by DH and Em

Scary face jack-o-lantern by Em and I (her choice...I liked the friendlier faces better.)

Costume trial run

Costume check. How do you like the mini "Toto," a mini dog DH won a few months ago at work?

"The Wizard of Oz" is the first chapter book we ever read to Em. We read a chapter a night before bedtime earlier this year. Shortly after we finished the book, Em told my mom that she wanted to be Dorothy for Halloween. A few weeks later, Em received the CUTE CUTE CUTE Dorothy outfit as part of her birthday package from Grandma and Grandpa. Loved it! Happy autumn to all.