Saturday, November 1, 2008


Em, Adrian and the other kiddos were able to wear their Halloween costumes to their MyGym class this past Weds.

Am I cute, or what?

Em and Adrian climb on a ladder during "free play."

Em swings on the bar.

Adrian's turn.

Climbing a wall-ladder

"Will you hold my glasses while I flip around?"

Adrian's group during class rotation

Emma's group during class rotation. (Adrian's mom and I LOVED the Ninja Turtle costume next to Em. SO cute!)

View of the gym.

Emma was the line leader when the group rotated stations.

Em flips around the bar.

And holds herself up on top of the bar

Adrian's turn to flip.

Em on the rolling mat.

Adrian's turn

Adrian on the balance beam

Em's turn


On Halloween Em and her classmates wore costumes to school. They went trick-or-treating at the offices within their school building. It was a little chilly, so Em needed long sleeves and tights. I think the outfit was super! Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa! :)

Happy Halloween!

Our first try with jack-o-lantern stencils...

Ghost jack-o-lantern by DH and Em

Scary face jack-o-lantern by Em and I (her choice...I liked the friendlier faces better.)

Costume trial run

Costume check. How do you like the mini "Toto," a mini dog DH won a few months ago at work?

"The Wizard of Oz" is the first chapter book we ever read to Em. We read a chapter a night before bedtime earlier this year. Shortly after we finished the book, Em told my mom that she wanted to be Dorothy for Halloween. A few weeks later, Em received the CUTE CUTE CUTE Dorothy outfit as part of her birthday package from Grandma and Grandpa. Loved it! Happy autumn to all.

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Anonymous said...

Too, too cute! I love all the pictures! I'm so thrilled that you guys had fun with trick-or-treating and with pumpkins-- I had a blast and Brooke's annual pumpkin carving party (there were over 40 of us there with 29 pumpkins carved this year!!). I have been sooooo behind on reading your blog, but just got caught up... Too fun--- and from a few posts ago, what do you mean Em looks like me? That's a picture of me when I was 4, not Em, right? ;)