Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a Pumpkin Patch yesterday and selected 2 nice pumpkins. Yes, it's the week before Halloween, so things were somewhat picked over. However this is the first Saturday DH has had off in a while. It was a nice family outing. I missed the pumpkin patch we went to last year---complete with Hay Ride, corn maze, etc. But it is an hour drive, Emma has a bad cold, and DH and I didn't feel up to going back this year. So the "pumpkin patch" we went to was the front lawn of a church. Luckily, Em was excited about it...and that's what the outing meant for.

Em and I made a jack-o-lantern yesterday with one pumpkin, and she and Aaron will create one with the other pumpkin today. It was my first experience using jack-o-lantern stencils---I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to use. I was really pleased with the way our jack-o-lantern turned out. I am NOT artistic...and the stencils were easy to use and worked well. And by the way---the brand new stencil kits and pumpkin carving utensils were left in my classroom by the prior teacher. Hahahaha. My labor this summer cleaning her crap is paying off in free Halloween decor. :) I'll try to get pics tonight and post them one of these days...

Fall is finally here. We've had the A.C. off and windows open for a few weeks now, but it sure is grand to have nice crisp weather outside. I love this time of year! It's not COLD...I detest the cold. But it is cool enough for long sleeves/pants and no sweltering heat. Love the colored leaves. Love the smell of fireplaces. Love the Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. Love the cooking smells...Em and I made cinnamon muffins this morning and DH has chili cooking on the stove now. Yummy autumn aromas!

School is still the same...I'm unhappy with the Read180/ELA combination. I attended a committee meeting on Friday in which several teachers and I complained that 30 minutes/day of language arts is NOT adequate. Basically we were met with, "nothing can be done this year, but we're noting your demands so things can be different next school year." Not very promising seeing as we just finished 1st quarter. Sighs.

On a positive note---DH only worked a 1/2 day last Saturday. He and Em then went on an outing the rest of the day so I could work, work, work. I finished my 20+ page paper for my Comp 6 class! It's not due until December. This was a huge load off my shoulders. Now I just have to video tape my 5 lessons and write a "video reflection" for each one and then I will be done. My goal is to be finished before Thanksgiving...I'd like to be "free" during the 4-day weekend. God knows I need some down time!

Two recent Emmaisms:
10/13/08 While looking at one of DH's hockey jersey's "C-C-M. That spells hockey!" CCM Sports is the company who makes hockey jerseys. :)

10/22/08 At MyGym last week, the kiddos were asked what their favorite candy to get for trick-or-treating is. Emma responded, "Tic Tacs." LOL! I'm not sure what made her say this...but I know that my little chocolate lover would choose chocolate candy before TicTacs any day of the week.

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