Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Grandpa helps Em learn to steer a tractor

Tractor Girl

My parents and Laurel arrived around 6 a.m. the day before Thanksgiving. (After driving ALL night to be with us. Thank you, family!) Em slept through their arrival. DH and I gave hugs and then we all went to sleep for a few short hours before "morning." Em was thrilled that Auntie Laurel escorted her and Daddy to school.

After dropping Em at school, DH and Lal got bagels and doughnuts for the adults to eat while we were hanging out before going to Em's school luncheon. At 11:30, we all attended the "Thanksgiving Feast" at Em's school. (Continuing the LaFrance family's inability to arrive ON TIME anywhere when more than 2 of us are together, we arrived late and missed the blessing...oops.) The potluck meal was fine. It was nice to see Em interacting with her teachers and other kiddos. I think my parents and sis enjoyed seeing her school environment. My Mom seemed to really like meeting Em's teachers.

We took Em home with us after lunch. We all hung out at the house the rest of the day. Em was able to have some outside time with my Dad. My parents brought us an AWESOME peddle-tractor that both my sisters and I used when we were young. The tractor also went to my cousins Barette and Brandon in Wisconsin for a while. And now it's here in Florida. A 3 state 2 1/2 generation toy. (Why 2 1/2 ? Because the age range from my older sister to cousins to Em is a 30+ year gap!) Kinda neat! I have fond memories of riding the tractor up and down the sidewalk at the house I grew up in. It's awesome seeing Em enjoy the tractor too.

That night we all went to MyGym for Em's Weds night class. She and Adrian were 2 of only 3 kids who were present for the class. Thus, they had lots of individual attention. My parents would clap when Em completed her balancing or gymnastic activities appropriately---too cute. And of course Em loved showing off for them. Afterwards, we all ate dinner at the St. John's Seafood restaurant located in the same strip mall as the gym. Then went home to have some hangout time before bed.

The next day we all went to my in-laws house. The house was lovely! Cindy always decorates SO nicely...some of her holiday decor looks like it is right out of a magazine. Amie & Burke were able to join us. It was a nice day of hanging out and WAAAAAY yummy food. Craig's turkey was divine, the side dishes were great and he made 3 homemade pies this year---wow! It was a nice day, I think relaxing for everyone...and I hope C&C didn't stress too much about having everyone over. My favorite Emmaism of the day, was when we pulled into C&C's driveway. Amie & Burke had parked behind Craig's car so that we'd have room to park my Dad's van on the driveway. Emma said, "It sure was nice of Amie and Burke to hang up their car there so we'd have room!" Who needs to park when you can just "hang up" your car?

Friday was a hanging out at home day. Poor DH felt sick most of Thanksgiving and all through my family's visit. (He thinks he either had a stomach virus or food poisoning from some dip at the Seafood restaurant...ugh!) Bless his heart, DH still made an amazing pot of chili which we had for dinner that night. I was able to get ALL of our Christmas decor up---the tree, the decorations, the outside lights, etc. Hooray! (Otherwise, I likely would've waited until winter break.) My Dad generously took Em to the park and Ft. Caroline for 3 1/2 hours while I prepared the house. (Thanks, Grandpa!) When they returned she enjoyed helping to put ornaments on the tree.

Laurel read, read, read the "Twilight" book by Stephanie Meyer that DH and I had already finished, so that the book would be finished before we all saw the movie together. (I recently read all 4 books in the Twilight saga and LOVE them, so had asked her if she'd like to read the book and see the movie with us during her visit to FL.) Friday night my parents babysat Em while DH, Lal and I saw the "Twilight" film. I enjoyed it. I would see it again. However, the book is sooooo much better!

Saturday, DH had to work. Em and I took my parents and Lal to the Jacksonville Zoo. (A tradition that started when Em was really young---now she expects that if Grandma and Grandpa are here, we WILL be going to the zoo together at some point.) The weather was gorgeous---in the high 60s. It was a really nice day! That night we ate dinner at Moe's and then drove around looking at Christmas lights. We had a little bit of hangout time at home before bed. My Mom and sister met my expectation----I laughed so hard that I cried---this usually happens at least once whenever my sisters and I are able to visit. This time it was because we were giggling about Christmas limericks... :)

Sunday morning, the Ohioans left promptly at 6 a.m. We woke up a lethargic Em to give tearful hugs good-bye. Then she, DH, and I went back to bed for a few hours while my Ohio family drove 12+ hours to return safely to their homes that night.

What I am thankful for this year...
--A fence! LOVE having backyard access for Em and Viggo
--A husband who cooks even when he's feeling lousy
--A family who traveled far and wide to be with us for the holiday
--In-laws who welcomed my family into their home
--Finishing my reading endorsement Comp 6 class! I finished the "Video Reflection" paper on Sunday and submitted it this week. As long as there are not any corrections (which I do not anticipate) then I am done and can officially add "Reading K-12" to my teaching certificate in January!!
--A little girl who is SO excited about the season. Loves her nativity playset. Loves the idea of Santa. Loves giving presents and surprises to others.
--Emmaism: Emma: "Mommy, do you know what I'm thankful for?"
Me: "What sweetie?"
Emma: "You!" Awwww. I love my little sweetie.

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