Monday, November 16, 2009


Thanksgiving: Emma and I will be leaving this Saturday 11/21 to drive to Ohio. We'll be with my parents and younger sister for Thanksgiving! WOOT WOOT! (No word yet on if my older sister will be able to join us, or not.) I feel bad that DH will be stuck here, as he doesn't have vacation time....but he'll be with his parents, so it's not like he's totally alone. Schools here are closed Weds-Fri. I received confirmation last week that I was approved to get Monday and Tuesday off as "sick leave." Yay! A whole week of vacation, but only 2 days going against my pool of leave time. Can't wait to see my family!

Bonus Money: For the first time in 7 years of teaching, I qualified for bonus pay! I received a $1700 check on Nov 6th. YIPPEE!!!!!!! We were able to "catch up" after last month's huge car repair bill, buy a few fun items, and still have a little to put away. Awesome!

I wasn't on the original list of employees to receive bonus pay. But I completed an appeal form, First they emailed saying I didn't qualify. A few weeks later I received a letter saying they still had funds in the "bonus pot" after giving out bonuses to those who qualified. Thus they gave the remaining money to the "tier 2" teachers. So, I'm a "tier 2" ---whatever the heck that means---but I'll take it!! I told DH it will be worth it to appeal from now on just to see how often I qualify.

Also, I've spoken to the union rep at my school about finding out how bonus recipients are determined. Because I only teach level 1 students, I think I have a lower chance of making the "gains" required of teachers. We'll see what comes of it... But, I'm feeling good about things overall, as I know several teachers who have taught for many years and have never received the bonus.

L.eapster 2: We purchased a L2 for Emma with some of my bonus dough. Normally, we wouldn't buy an electronic game this close to Christmas. However, since she and I are travelling alone on a 14 hour road trip, I wanted her to have something to keep her quiet in the car so she doesn't drive me completely and totally crazy occupy her time. It's a really neat system. She loves it. And I like that the games are all educational. I've been surprised at how quickly she has taught herself to use the system. Kids and electronics. Gotta love it.

Zoo Day: This weekend Em and I went to the Zoo with friends made when I was teaching at my prior school. (KB is a teacher there.) Em and KB's son KRB are both 5 and got along wonderfully. I'll post pictures soon... LB (the wife) is pregnant again. She gives me hope that after a long lull between kiddos it CAN HAPPEN again. We hope to spend time with their family more often! Last year we all went to the B.ethlehem village set up at a local church together, I think we'll go together this year too. Yay!

I love how children connect. The entire car ride to the zoo, Em and KRB were bashful and didn't say much. But after a few moments in the zoo they were chasing after each other, "Emma, c'mon" and even holding hands at a few points. SOOOO cute!

Blogging: I've been a lurker, dear Blog Buddies. I've popped on, read entries without commenting. I've been a busy bee. Had to get allllll of my grading and lesson plans done before vacation. (Now my lesson plans are finished 3 weeks ahead---woot woot!)

A complete and total idiot busy official person within the school decided that the Monday we come back from Thanksgiving will be progress report day for 2nd quarter. Ack! This means all my grades need to be caught up. Thus, I've been a grading, grading, grading guru. My grades are caught up now. And I intentionally created lesson plans for this week and next that won't have any major grading.

Anyway...hopefully during my week in Ohio, I'll be able to catch up with you, my fellow bloggies. I've been thinking of you!!


Beautiful Mess said...

WOOHOO about the money! Way to not take no for an answer. We got Nae one of those Leapster things when they first came out and she loved it. She learned a lot of things with that, we did too ;o)

Have fun in Ohio and enjoy your vacation! I hope you stay all caught up with work!

sklay723 said...

Awesome news about your bonus! Congrats!

Looked at the Leapster 2 tonight with the kids...still trying to help Santa make some selections, especially since we have to compete with their birthday less than two weeks before Santa arrives. :) Let me know how Em does with it on your trip!

Safe travels to Ohio for the two of you! Take care and talk to you soon!!!

Carrie27 said...

How lame am I that I can't wait for A to get at least a year older so she can get that same game system? I think she would love it, she plays games on my Iphone already.

That's great you are getting to take the whole week off, we get the week off but I'm staying here to help get some packing done before the big move.

Cherish This Life! said...

Congrats on the bonus...cha ching! That is great! I hope you enjoy every minute of your vacation time!!!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Oooooo, you gotta love bonus money! Yay for you guys! It sounds like the Leapster is going to pay for itself in sanity.

Travel safe and have fun with your family! Sending prayers for your journey. :)

tbonegrl said...

Congrats on the bonus! You deserve it!

I hope you guys have a safe trip up here!

Cherish This Life! said...

Award Time!!

Sunny said...

Hooray for the bonus money!! That is super awesome, glad you'll be able to do a few fun things with it as well as paying the bills.

OppositeOfOops said...

Wow on the bonus!! That's a great thing, just before a trip. Have a great trip!!