Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Pre Christmas-ness

Me Time: Hubby just took Emma with him to finish up his Christmas shopping. This was totally unprompted by me. I am blogging...listening to MY music (i.p.od is on Shuffle, gotta love it) and am enjoying being home ALONE for the first time in many months. Ahhhhh!

Emma's Reading/Writing: Em has had many milestones which have touched my heart as a mother. Currently, she is learning to read and melts my heart and makes me SO proud! I have a hobby of writing quirky poems...they usually are rhyming and silly about events that have happened in my life. Yesterday, Em heard me reading a poem I wrote for my college girlfriends about the GP weekend we went on this summer. When I got off the phone, Em had written the following note on her art easel:

"Mom islu bes ritr poum :)" = "Mom is the best writer poem :)"

My little sweetie. I love the way she sounded it out so that lu=the. I love that she hasn't figured out grammatically correct sentence structure yet. But mostly, I just love the sentiment...LOVE IT! :)

Car Damage: In 2002 we bought a new H.onda C.ivic in January. In September of that year, a woman ran a red light and smashed into me...luckily the car wasn't totaled and no one was severely hurt. (Though I did have to have several months of physical therapy for my back afterwords.) I believe it took about a month of repairs and rental cars before I had my Civic back.

Continuing our poor luck with new cars... Remember when I posted THIS back in May---pictures of our new mini van? DH was off of work on Thursday. He and I had a nice date day. We finished our Christmas shopping for Emma. We ate lunch at the C.heese.cake F.actory. We saw the "New M.oon" movie. (I still love it. DH disliked it. He said it was too long and drawn out. I thought it was true to the novel.) At the end of the day we went together to pick Em up from preschool/daycare. While we were in the building, someone backed into DH's van leaving a huge dent in the tailgate and rear bumper. (What's the deal with us getting hit in cars that are less than a year old? UGH!) The driver left the scene...we didn't discover the damage until we were walking back to the van with Emma. Luckily the father of another preschool child wrote down the license plate # of the driver and the make/model of her car. He gave us his contact information as a "witness." He stated the other driver hit our car, got out and looked at HER car (a Ca.dillac Es.calade) and upon seeing no damage to HER car, she got back in it and drove away.

Luckily, being the savvy person that I am, I have the "Jacks.onville She.riff Office's Non-Emergency" line saved in my cell phone. It was cold and rainy, so Em and I went back into the school building while DH dealt with the JSO and car issues.

DH came into Em's classroom a few minutes later. Apparently the driver of the car came back. She is the OWNER of the building! (Em's preschool/daycare is one of 3 businesses that lease space in the building.) She actually said to DH, "Oh, did someone hit your car?" DH played it cool, not telling her at first that he had her license plate number and a witness. He said that the car had been hit while he was inside picking up his daughter. The lady said, "I wonder if I did that?" To which DH responded, "Well, your license plate number does match the vehicle that was seen leaving the scene." HA! Wish I could've seen her face with that statement....

The woman was rude to DH...saying it was her birthday and she was running late. But, she did enter the building and make a copy of her insurance card for DH. DH was nice too nice, I think and canceled the JSO call, agreeing that they could handle things just through insurance. I still think we should have sited the lady for a hit and run! Maybe I'm too vindictive. The clincher for me is that the woman didn't come back to check on US or our CAR...she actually came back to the parking lot to pick up her hubby and balloon-holding friends. Because, get this, they were running late for the Ja.guar's home N.FL game that night.

We were able to get an appraisal from her insurance on Friday. ($793 and 4 days estimated repair/paint.) As soon as we get the check from her insurance company, we'll figure out rental car and repair dates.

Gift Status: I want to pick up 2 more items for DH this week. Other than that all of my shopping is done. ALL items are wrapped and under the tree. I even helped elves finish wrapping some Santa items which are carefully hidden in the suitcase in my closet until they'll be needed for Christmas morning.

Yesterday Em helped me with the stamping and mailing of our family Christmas letter and photo card and some gift items.

This week, Em and her class had a field trip to the mall to see Santa. DH and I were a little worried. As she had already seen Santa in Ohio, we were hoping her gift request list wouldn't be too drastically different. The main item she requested: "Heart notebooks to write and draw in."

On our shopping expedition on Thursday, DH and I tried many options and could not find heart notebooks. I finally found some heart stickers at a craft store (in the Valentine section---they actually had Valentine stuff out already. What the heck?) And was pleased with my results, which I sent to the elves closet shelf for Em's Christmas delivery from Santa.

Me Time: This week I'll be participating in ICLW for the first time in many months. I look forward to catching up with old blog friends, and to making new blog acquaintances.

Now I'm off to my secret addiction play some free online! :)


Beautiful Mess said...

Awww how sweet is Emma?! I love it when kids spell words they way they sound. It's SO adorable!

UHG sorry about your van, that sucks. Hopefully she wasn't TOO late to her fancy game :-|

Enjoy your alone time!

Parenthood For Me said...

Min man is starting to say more and more and that melts my heart. I can't imagine him writing things for me. That sucks about your car. Thank goodness you had someone watching your back. Happy ICLW

Sunny said...

Oooooh... that woman just steams my clams, and I'm not even involved. My DH would have been too nice, too, but MAN would I like to see her get in trouble for a hit and run! ARG!

On a happier note, yea for your super cute little girl. She is going to grow into a wonderful woman, just like her mama. :)

Danifred said...

What a sweetie with her little note!

And, that lady who hit your van- I would have ripped her a new one. She has some nerve.

Have fun during ICLW! :)