Monday, August 2, 2010

Life Updates

Wow...I've been away for a month?? A busy summer it has been!

  • Vacation: We had a great time during our Ohio trip! We stayed at my parents' house and were able to spend lots of time with them and my sister Laurel. Photos below...
July Fourth:

Em as we headed to the July 4th fireworks. LOVED the headband (from $1 section of Tar.get.) TOO cute! :)

Em took this pic of my sis and I as we waited for fireworks.

Grandma and Grandpa (photo by Em)

Me and DH (another pic by Em)

My Dad took this pic of us at the July 4th parade. Dad rode on the Knights of Columbus float in the parade. Emmaism: "My Grandpa is in the parade! How cool is that?" Smiles.
BTW---This pic looks cute cropped and zoomed...but I couldn't get my "edited" pics to post. Sighs. :)

Laurel took this self-portrait of her and Emma

Beach Day:
We had a great time at the Alum Creek beach! (Though the thick, kitty-litter consistency sand wasn't as fun to play with as the sand on our Florida beaches.)

Em and Grandpa didn't seem to mind the rough sand.

DH spent time writing. He's working on his 3rd novel. The umbrella cracks me's the only one we could find in my parents' garage.

Self-portrait of moi.

Em liked that the sandbar went out nearly 40 feet, so she could go farther out independently, than she does in FL.

Museum Day:
We spent a day at the COSI museum in Columbus. Not too many pics...I was having too much fun to stop and take photos!

Em on a ride in the "Progress" area of COSI. (Hallways with 1880's and hallway with 1960's store fronts.)

Em building a bridge in the "Gadgets" area of the museum.

Scientist Mouse Emma

Emma and Auntie Laurel pose as aliens.

We met our friends the Palus Family in Richmond, IN for a playdate at Mickey D's. The Palus' are our buddies who moved from our neighborhood in FL and now live far away in IN. How I wish they still lived near us!

Me--acting silly with the wings from Em's "Airbender" toy.

Katie and Em

Left to Right: Zack, Katie, Nick, Emma

Me and DH

Cousins Time:
Em loved being able to play with her 3 year old cousins Summy and Jack. As the boys are no longer babies or young toddlers it was the first time the cousins could play independently. (We actually had grown-up conversations while the kiddos played...yay!) The kids had a great time in the playroom and on the swing set at the boys' house.

Jack, Emma, Summy

This was the 1st time Emma ever hung upside down on a moving object independently. She LOVED the trapeze and spent lots of time on it.

Summy enjoyed going down the slide on his back, but head-first.

Jack followed the upside-down-on-the slide action.

Young's Dairy Farm:
We met our friends' the Uptons at the Young's farm. We had a great time feeding the goats, viewing the animals, playing in the play yard, and eating the freshly-made-on-the-farm ice cream.

Me, Laurel, and Emma

Shannon and I have been friends since we were in the 3rd grade.

Baby Oliver (turned 6 months old the week of this pic.)

DH and Travis are buds too.




Ice cream time!

Sights I've never seen in Florida:

This sign in my hometown cracks me up every time I read it. Anyone want to join me for some "joint recreation?" JOKE!

Hay in the field diagonally across the street from my parents' house.

Em flying a kite in my parents' amazing, ginormous back yard. (Note the corn fields in the rear of the photo.)
  • Family: --Shout-out to my sister Laurel who finished her Masters' in Ed degree while we were in Ohio. Woot-woot!
  • DH continues to plug away on his writing. He is nearing the completion of his 3rd novel and continues to seek representation for a publisher for his books. I'm so proud of him!
  • My bro-in-law and his family are in town this week. We had a nice dinner at my In-law's house last night. It was great to see everyone! Watching Em and her cousins play together is especially precious.
  • School: Only 2 weeks of summer left. It always passes so quickly!
  • I attended an awesome 2-day training last week. 3 other people who are on the "Data Committee" with me at school attended the training as well. It helped provide insight on what the Data Committee's role should be within our school. In addition, it helped us to set measurable and attainable goals for our committee for this year... WAY important as last year I don't feel we were effective. Now we just have to get the other committee members on board when we meet as a team after school starts.
  • Emma: Has been swimming up a storm! She has learned how to swim independently, but still needs to master the art of taking a breath while swimming. She tends to only swim to a ladder/person to grab on to/wall, come up for air, and then swim some more. I'm pleased with her progress though. :)
  • We went to the beach with bro-in-law and his family today and the new inner-tube Em got was a big hit. She loved to "ride the waves" and it was fun watching her enjoy herself.
  • We went this weekend and spent $85 buying all of the items on her school supply list. We just need to get a backpack and she's set to start school.
  • Orientation to meet Em's teacher and get acclimated with the school is on the 20th. I still can't believe my baby is going to be in Kindergarten. Wow.
  • IF Issues: I was SUPER angry and disappointed this morning. Remember back in January when I met with my OBGYN and agreed to use an Ovulation/Fertility Monitor for 6 months and then return for a follow-up visit if still not PG? My appointment was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. It has been scheduled SINCE JANUARY. This morning the office called to cancel because my doc is "on vacation" this week. ARGH. I'm disappointed because I am ready to meet about my next steps. I am angry because I have been off work ALL SUMMER....and of course they couldn't re-schedule the appointment until the middle of the month when I'm back to work. GRRR.
  • I won a book-give away at the wonderful Sunny in Seattle's blog. Yay! I am halfway through "Understanding and Coping with Infertility: Unsung Lullabies" and am really liking it (as much as one can "like" a book about an issue they wish they didn't have.) The language is easy to understand and is written by 3 doctors who have all experienced IF issues (2 of the 3 are a married couple, it's been cool to have a male's perspective included.) I felt validated...and especially like this quote, "Infertility is a trauma because it attacks both the physical and emotional sense of self; it presents us with multiple, complicated losses, it affects our most important relationships, and it shifts our sense of belonging in the world."
  • Books: I have been reading of my favorite things about summer! This week I finished the Kingdom Keepers III book and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I recommend both! The Tattoo Girl took nearly 100 pages for me to get into...a bit of a difficult beginning. However, once I was into the plot, it was great...and I want to read books 2 and 3 of the trilogy now. :) One of these days I'll get my list on the sidebar updated.
  • Blog: My 2 year blogoversary was last week. THANK YOU again to my sweet readers who lend an ear, offer support, share ideas, and give blog love. I heart you!!!


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Hokey dinah-mo girl! You have had one heck of a busy summer!

I'm so glad that you and yours got some well-deserved R&R with your family and friends. Em looks so grown up this summer!

Have you and/or your dh been reading Mel's series of posts on getting published? They are full of great info... I'm so impressed that he's almost done his 3rd book! Amazing!

As for your RE's office... I would be seriously put out too! How lame to cancel the day before, especially when the doc is on vacation! It's not like that would have been a surprise or anything for them. Argh! I hope that you are able to get in to see her sooner than later!

So great to get caught up with you!

Carrie27 said...

Summer filled with loads of fun it looks like. It's always nice to get away from the "normal" days we lead, and the heat was much more comfortable at your parents than I'm sure it has been in Florida.

Danifred said...

You have been BUSY BUSY!!! I think the beach pictures are definitely my favorites. Glad you got a chance to get away and relax.

I hate dr.'s offices. HATE them. No other profession could treat people so poorly and get away with it. Ugh.

Shelli said...

You've been very busy this summer!

I just finished David's school shopping yesterday as well. Needed to get everything this week, since (by the time we get back from vacation) it will be back to school up here.

Love the pictures.