Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Late Night Update

Aack....Sinusitis was my diagnosis at the doctor today. I went to Urgent Care after my OB appointment, because I've had a non-stop runny nose alllllll day today. It's after freakin' one a.m. I am TIRED. My body is tired. My brain is tired. My stuffy, sore, Rudolph-red nose is tired...but the Flonase and antibiotic combo from the doc have me wired. So, I thought I would try to blog it out...

OB: I'm pleased with the way my appointment with my OB went today. She shared some personal information (ie: even though she has 4 kids, she had 3 miscarriages; and she believes "God has a sense of humor" because her youngest children are twins who were conceived while Doc was on birth control pills.) I love her for her honesty. She is an advocate for the Fertility Monitor (even recommending the particular brand my friend loaned me--yay!) Basically, we are at our last bout of "waiting" before semen analysis for DH and/or further testing for DH and I. Doc wants us to use the Fertility Monitor consistently for 5 months making sure to "get busy" during my times of peak fertility. If we still aren't PG, then we'll proceed from there. I have a follow up appointment set for August 3rd....of course with the hopes that I'll be PG before then and will be able to cancel the appointment.


--I enjoyed the amazing opening ceremony for the Olympics, and have caught as much of the coverage as I could the past few nights. SO saddened by the death of a young Georgian luge athlete. Mesmerized by couples figure skating. Enjoyed the speed skating (Go Apolo Anton Ono!)
--DH and I have been avid LOST fans since the first season. We're into the last season and are loving it...slightly frustrated by the "Where the heck is this going?" element, but intrigued and returning each week just the same. I hope the ending has closure and doesn't leave me disgruntled like the long ago finale of "Twin Peaks" did.
--I have had the blasted-ever-lovin' "Yum yum Bumblebee Tuna" commercial stuck in my head all day. ACCCCKK. Make it stop!

I'm nearly done with the "Nightworld" series by L.J. Smith. When I finish completely, I'll post a few quotes I've noted remarkable similarities between from Smith's works and Meyer's "Twilight" series.

I also recently read "Doomed Queen Anne," which apparently is part of a "Young Royals" series I'll have to look into one of these days. I quite enjoyed the book, a teen version of Anne Boelyn's story.

February Shout Outs: Sending February birthday love to.... My older sis (Feb 10th,) my adorable nephews who turned 3 this month (Feb 15th,) and my cool FIL (Feb 23rd.)

Sleep: I'm gonna try to sleep again....I have my "pre-conference" with my principal tomorrow before my observation on this rate I won't be able to string together multiple coherent sentences. Nighty-oh.


Cherish This Life! said...

Hello Night Owl! LOL! Sorry to hear you are not feeling well but congrats on a great OB appt. I hope you get to cancel the August appt too, that would be so awesome!

Kristin said...

Hope your sinuses clear out soon.

I'm glad to hear you have such a great OB. My OB and his wife were infertility patients themselves and I really believe that's why he was so easy to work with through my journey.

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

YEAH for a great OB appointment and BOO for sinusitis! We have been trading colds around here, and I feel like my poor nose is going to fall off from my face from all of the running, blowing and wiping!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Oh my stars! I hope that you are feeling better and getting better sleep! Sending prayers for healing and peaceful rest.

It sounds like you had a great appointment. I'm glad that you have a plan in place for when testing will start if you aren't already pg.

Book recommendation for you: Saving CeeCee Honeycutt. Sort of Ya-Ya Sisterhood, but fun and light. Delightful scenes with dignified southern women in cat fights.

I really hope you are feeling better soon!