Saturday, February 13, 2010

Random Ruminations

Drat! It's only February and I've already broken my blog-resolution to post at least one time a week! Here's the latest...

School/Work: My students took the 8th grade Writing F.CAT test last week. Continuing with the crappy last-minute notice teachers have been given at my school this year, we were not given the rosters for the students scheduled to test with us until the day before the test. ACK! Fortunately all of the students who tested in my room were present the day before the test, so I was able to inform them where to go during test day. However, there were many students who were nearly late for testing in other classrooms, as they didn't know where to report until the morning of the test. (Don't get me started about how teachers are not assigned "homerooms," apparently that would be too logical...) Fortunately, the testing itself went well. I had purchased granola bars and bottled water to ensure all of the students who tested in my room had "breakfast" prior to testing. This seemed to help them focus, so I will definitely do something similar for the other F.CAT testing next month. It is my 7th year teaching, and only the 2nd time I've ever been able to "proctor" F.CAT for students whom I teach. (Usually I get stuck proctoring a room full of kiddos I don't know. I HATE it when that happens!) I truly believe knowing the students and having rapport with them made a difference in the testing experience for my students and I!

Blog Love: Two cool things: First, I received my SITM socks in the mail last week. WAY cool, I looooove argyle! I will be wearing them to my OB appointment this Tuesday. Pictures and more sock details will be posted next week.

Second: I might be able to meet a few fellow bloggers in person! The wonderful Anxious Mummy is sponsoring a Southeast Georgia blogging event, but was kind enough to invite me since Jacksonville is relatively close. Yay! :)

DH's Job: It's sounding like his job is secure for now. The "higher ups" at the company have assured workers that their center is NOT going to be bought out in April. Thus, DH is hanging in there. Meanwhile, he is plugging away at his 3rd novel, as he continues to try to get published. His ultimate goal is to one day make a living at writing, and quit his current day job altogether. Woot-woot! How wonderful would that be?? I'm so proud of his perseverance. :)

TTC: SOOOO glad I started using the fertility monitor my friend loaned me! Turns out I DID ovulate. (Whew!) wasn't until day 21- 22 of my cycle. Thus, I will definitely continue monitoring...the expense of the "pee sticks" are worth the "knowing" at this point. (And of course I need more than one month of accurate data to determine the regularity (or lack thereof) of my cycle.) I will definitely discuss things with my OB at this week's appt. Also, THANK YOU to those who recommended the Fertility Friend website. I had been using "mymonthlycycles dot com" which is NOT nearly as user friendly!

Busy Week: This week I have my OB appointment on Tuesday. Thursday is my yearly formal evaluation conducted by my school principal. Then Friday--- DH, and EM and I are headed to 3 days at Disney World. (Ode to tax return $$ and great deals for Florida residents!) I'm looking forward to it, as we haven't been to any Disney parks other than Magic Kingdom for many years. We still haven't determined which 3 of the 4 parks we'll be visiting, but my brain is ready for a getaway!

SORRY blog buds....I've been negligent about commenting the past week, as I've been busy getting the paperwork for my yearly evaluation ready... I have Monday off, so am hoping to catch up. :)

I leave you with some Emmaisms:

2/3/10 On Toxic Gas:
"Know something funny that happened at school today? I had a whole bunch of really stinky farts. And know what else? Everyone thought it was Todd! He has stinky farts all the time. So they thought it was him and not me!"
(Cracks me up! And I love that at 5 she's already learned the female etiquette----the stinky ones are ALWAYS a guy's fault! Lol.)

2/4/10 On What DVD Mommy Would Like To Watch:
"I know what your favorite movie is! That one with the werewolf!" (A.K.A. Twilight New Moon)
(a. First of all, that movie is not even available on DVD yet! b. Second of all, I'm big time Team Edward, NOT Team Jacob.) :)

2/9/10 On Royalty:
Em: "I know how ladies become queen."
Me: "You do? How?"
Em: They are princesses and then when the queen gets old or dead, the princess is the queen."
Me: "Oh. How do girls become princesses?"
Em: They need to have a crown, some candy, a purse, and high heels."
(If only I had a crown...I could be a princess!) ;)


Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

OMG! The gas comment is PRICELESS! Bless her heart!

Enjoy your trip - you have been working hard and keeping busy, and I imagine it will be great to get away for a few days.

sklay723 said...

I LOVE your Emma-isms. Glad to see you blogging again...I wondered what you might be up to, leaving me with nothing to read like that! Hope your 2010 is going great...from all your news, sounds like it is. :) Take care and hope to "read" from you again soon!!!

Danifred said...

The farting comments are hilarious! I love it!

Glad your husbands job is safe, I'm sure that takes a lot of stress out of your lives.

And, I, too, love fertility friend!

Marie W said...

I just love Emma! FYI - I am team Edward as well! Keeping you all in my prayers.

Sunny said...

What great things... DH's job and book, the mini-vaca, the new fertility trackers. It's gonna be a good year!

And I also love Emma's farting comment. Funniest thing EVER!!! (And so true!)

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Ummm....I am not sponsoring a blogging event? I live in Australia?! Weird. Was that supposed to be someone else's name?

Alana said...

Doh! SORRY AnxiousMum and Wistful Girl---I cut/pasted the wrong name into this post. Please forgive my crazy fingers.