Friday, April 23, 2010

School, Home, and a Playdate

I'm a little behind in the times again....

School: The good news: Our last district visit for the school year was this past Tuesday. We FINALLY had a positive review of our department. Guess my stress and work the past 2 weeks paid off. Whew!

The bad: Last week was the first week of 4th quarter. My students are already checking out. They are ready for summer... "Are we really doing lessons this week?" "FCAT is over, why are we starting a new unit?" Seriously??? We still have school until June 11th. It's going to be tough to maintain the kiddos these next few weeks. I truly don't remember having students feel "finished" quite this early before. Sighs.

More good: Em and I went to the last home Track Meet of the year this past Wednesday. 3 of my students are on the team----and I enjoyed cheering for them. Em loved standing in the grass beside the track, waiting for the gun to fire signaling the beginning of each race, and then she'd sprint down the length of the track and back. Needless to say, she slept GREAT that night!

The good: My parents are coming to visit and will arrive next Tuesday night! YAY! They will also be able to attend a school field trip with Em on Wednesday (petting zoo and picnic lunch,) which Em is very excited about. Then Em will stay out of school on Thursday and Friday to go on adventures with them while DH and I are at work.

The bad: There was a cat (in heat) making God-awful noises outside of Emma's room last night. Our dog woke Emma up with his barking just after 11. After I pounded on the window, the noises stopped. Em went back to sleep. Around 12:30 blast it if the whole thing didn't start again.... loud meowing/screeching outside and dog freaking out and barking inside. I have a feeling Little Miss will be dragging when I wake her up in a few minutes. Sighs.

Lastly for now....

On April 9th, Em and I were able to meet up with a blog friend and her Kiddos who live in St. Augustine. We met Katie and her 4 year old twins Megan and Jeremy at their house. Then we traveled together to a park. The kids played. The Moms visited. Next, we all had lunch and had MORE play time at their house. It was great! (Only one accident of the day---Emma and Megan were running full speed and ran into each other---Em had a large goose egg/bruise in the middle of her forehead, and Megan had a big bump on top of her eyebrow. Oops!) Overall, the kids got along together really well.

Katie is a freelance writer for a local newspaper. She made me giggle when she informed me that I had a type-o in the comment section of my blog. (I had written "Dear Reders" instead of "Dear Readers.") She was sweet saying she didn't want to embarrass me by telling me of the type-o in a comment where others could see it. People----I teach Language Arts for a living. I am a spell check Diva. If I have a type-o, I implore you to TELL ME.....because spelling inaccuracies drive me crazy! Thanks! :)

It was wonderful meeting another mom with Kiddos close in age to Em. It was nice getting to know someone I've only known for the most part via blog land. (Katie substitute teaches sometimes, so I had met her at my school before, but we weren't able to have much conversation time.)

I need to get ready for work, so must go. Pictures below were all taken by Katie. (K--THANKS for sharing your photography prowess!) We look forward to future playdates!

Megan and Emma

A smooch!

Em and Megan

Jeremy, Em, and Megan

Searching for red leaves


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Yay for getting a great review from the higher ups! Perhaps we need to pray for a week of rain to get the kiddos back into the idea of school?

So cool that your parents are coming down. I know my niece and nephew love when my parents visit and go to their school.

While we haven't had to deal wth cats in heat, we do have a family of magpies that have taken up residence in the lilac bush outside our bedroom window. They love to start their chattering at dawn.

Yay for playdates with bloggy friends! It looks like it was a lot of fun.

sklay723 said...

We had a blast that day, too! Looking forward to another adventure (tell Emma Megan and Jeremy say hello!). Thanks so much for the visit...and the blog mention. :)

Carrie27 said...

The picture of the girls laying down is precious! Love it!

It's nice when testing is over, but not when you have to figure out how to motivate the students to still complete their work. There has to be a better way, and maybe some day they will figure it all out.

Miss La said...

Since you asked for typos-- is this a test? Under the last picture you have "Searching for a red leaves". Drop the "a". :)

I know what you mean about kids checking out earlier than ever this year. Ugh! If you find a solution, let me know, I'm about out of ideas. I'm about ready to bribe them with food next week-- bribe them on Monday to make it working well a whole week for food on Friday? Sad, but that's about where I am right now!

Have a great visit with Mom & Dad. I'm sending the bag of goodies with them for you (& Emma's new Skippyjon Jones book too!). Enjoy! XOXO

Alana said...

LOL....Thanks, Lal. I deleted the "a" for you. :)

Danifred said...

Horray for the 4th quarter, horray for less stress and horray for a playdate!

It sounds like you've been really busy lately. At least some of the stress is dying down though, right?

Love those cute pictures, especially the one of Em lying on the ground!

Beautiful Mess said...

Those are GREAT pictures! I'm glad you all had a great time together!

WOOOHOOO for a great review, I'm so happy for you. Good work!

I hope Em has fun with her grandparents and you have a nice visit with them.
P.S. I wanted to thank you for validating my concerns about Zilla going to summer school. I really value your opinion and when you said you agreed with my decision, I jumped for joy. I got your email from Heather, but i didn't ask you prior so I didn't email you and deleted it. I didn't want to be rude ;o) So thank you, I really appreciate your input.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the shot of you and Em! Yeah for the great review at work and for the upcoming visit from your parents - I am sure they are going to have a blast with Em.

Boo for the cat and for your students checking-out - it seems like springfever has hit hard this year!