Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm grateful

4 things I'm especially grateful for the past few days...

1. My team at school.
This year 2 of my 3 classes consist of students from the same team of "core" teachers. Thus, I am often part of parent-conferences and team meetings. In the past since reading is an "elective," I'm often not part of a "team." This year I am and the team ROCKS. While our administration is at times frustrating and not firm enough (in my humble opinion) the teachers I work with are supportive and have an amazing behavior intervention plan we all use. Though many things at my school continue to be difficult this year, I am thankful for the "Cosmic Wolf" team who has accepted me as one of their own.

2. DH
I can count on both hands the number of times I have to scrape ice off my car windows each year. Yesterday was Monday and of course Em and I were dragging a bit... I hadn't seen the weather report the night before and hadn't planned ahead. When Em and I prepared to load my car to drive to school, I was un-pleasantly surprised to encounter super cold weather. And pleasantly surprised to see that DH had already scraped my car windows for me.

3. Emma
Though she totally embarrassed me this weekend when we were at a restaurant...
Waitress: You can complete this card to join our dinner club, if you'd like. But if you don't I
won't cry or anything.
Emma: I'm not filling one out, cuz' I want to make you cry.

WHAT???? The waitress hadn't been rude or negligent. I still don't know what prompted Emma's rotten response. Geesh!

Anyway....let's focus on the positive here...
I am grateful for a little girl who FINALLY cleaned the entire living room herself without grumbling or complaining. There were pillows, coloring books, markers, L.incon Logs, and blankets scattered around from when Em was feeling sick over the weekend. Today she cleaned it all up on her own. How nice to have her pitching in without bribes and/or nagging.

4. DH---again. Yup, he's a keeper!
Yesterday and today DH was home sick from work. (He finally went to Urgent Care yesterday and received a slew of 4 prescriptions to help him kick the phlegmy yucks he's had the past few weeks.) When Em and I arrived home from school today he had dinner cooking for us. Now mind you, DH is always the primary chef in our house, as I hate cooking. However I found it very sweet that he cooked when I know he still wasn't feeling his best.


Kristin said...

I'm glad you have a great team of teachers to work with this year.

Your DH is a real keeper.

Emma is a hoot.

Beautiful Mess said...

Ahahaha EM! What are we gonna do with you, you little stinker?! I can only imagine how mortified you were, you poor thing.

Hey can I borrow DH? I don't need my windows scrapped as its been in the 50's here, but I sure would love a meal I didn't have to cook.

I'm SO glad you are a part of a great team of teachers. I just bet they feel the same way about you!


Mrs. Gamgee said...

That Emma... quite the conundrum. Your DH is so sweet! Definitely worth keeping around for a while.

You get ice in FL? I knew it got cool there in the winter, but not have-to-scrape-the-windows cold. Hmmm, I guess you learn something every day.

Danifred said...

Having a great husband is just the best thing ever, isn't it!!!!

And Emma comment is absolutely hilarious :)

Margaret McSweeney said...

Alana - you won Dawn Meehan's book back in December. Email my assistant your mailing address. amy@pearlgirls.info