Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Emma's Dog Story

One of the greatest joys of the past few years has been watching Emma learn to read and write. I am especially tickled with her ability to write a coherent paragraph...sadly I have many middle school students who are not able to do this.

Emma brought the story below home with her today. Though her spelling is still mostly phonetic, I love that she had a cohesive story from beginning to end:

Emma's Version:

I Fed MY Dog My dog is
Bllak I wet on A wokk his
KOLR is red
A hoz is on
he is FRte
He Gos OVR An
tak a dekk WOOO Hes' hot
the End

Translated By Mommy Version:
I feed my dog. My dog is black. I went on a walk. His collar is red. A hose is on. He is thirsty. He goes over and takes a drink. Whew! He's hot. The End

(And yes, Dear Readers, our dog often drinks water from the neighbors' sprinkler systems when we take him on walks.) :)


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Sounds like you have another budding author in the family! :)

elaine said...

Wow-I love the innocence of it as much as she loves her brother,dog! The rewards of being read to every night of her life are so apparent ...including her ability to repeat stories
sequentially since age 3. You will want to save this for her author biography and blurb for the novels she publishes.

Danifred said...

I think Emma should start her own blog!

Marie W said...

I totally understood her version! :-)

Miss La said...

I love it! She's growing up so quickly, and how cool to see her progression in reading and writing! She has definitely been well-influenced by her parents' reading and writing, which is awesome!

Kristin said...

What a great little story.

Beautiful Mess said...

So cute! Good job Emma!