Thursday, February 19, 2009

Disney Bound

Disney: What do the Andersons do when tax refund money is here and we need a weekend "escape?" We head to Disney World! This weekend, we'll be going to the Magic Kingdom for a day. I am looking forward to it. The visit will be Emma's 3rd time at the park...her last visit was in March of last year. I'm a little bummed that WDW isn't having the Pirate and Princess Party this year. Last spring we enjoyed it very much. However, they apparently have a Spectramagic light parade followed by fireworks, so we'll try to fit in one or both of these events instead. (Though in the past we've used fireworks time for riding rides---we were able to stay on the Pirates of the Caribbean boat and ride 2x in a row, able to get on Dumbo with no wait, ride Space Mountain multiple times without waiting, etc.)

Emma is finally tall enough to ride nearly everything. I look forward to experiencing Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain with her for the first time. We've been watching You Tube videos of people riding the coasters and she is really excited. She also has a "Disney Land Sing-A-Long" video she looooves to watch before we go to WDW. (The video shows kids singing and riding rides at the park.)

I sooooo love Walt Disney World! (If this makes me pathetic, I'm willing to be on the list.)

February Birthday Shout-outs:
My sister Michelle 2/10
My nephews Summy and Jack 2/15
My father-in-law and cousin Aimee 2/23

Jury Duty: Next Monday 2/23, I have jury duty. I am hoping I am not selected for a long term trial. As much as I think the judicial trial process would be neat, it is the FCAT time of year and I'd hate to miss so much school. (The actual test is the week of March 10th, so we are in "FCAT prep mode" big time.) Also, planning for a long-term substitute would be awful. So, I'm crossing all phalanges that I am not chosen.

Lagging: I've been behind on blogging and on checking my email. Hopefully I'll get caught up Sunday night...

Emotions: I seem less blue and more in the swing of things this week. (Is it the Disney adventure I'm anticipating?) I joined the faculty choir at my school. We are in a school presentation next week for Black History Month. I love's such a pick-me-up. I have a solo in the presentation. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy performing, as it's been a while.

Substitute: We're leaving after school tomorrow to drive to Orlando. We'll stay in a hotel tomorrow night, do the Disney park all day Saturday, stay in the hotel again Saturday night, do Downtown Disney on Sunday morning, and return home to Jacksonville Sunday afternoon. (WDW is about 2 1/2 hours from where we live in Jax.)

I'm at school right now to prepare for my jury-duty-on-Monday substitute. Guess I should get back to work...

In the words of my friend, Mickey Mouse, "See ya real soon!" :)

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