Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vocabulary Test

I have been compiling a list of Emma's vocabulary funnies and's time to share.

Vocab test. See if you can determine which definition is Emma's:

1. Craps

a. What people do on the potty
b. What some people play in Vegas
E. Making projects (As in "arts and craps")

2. Eyetacks

a. A medieval torture device
b. Bulletin board push pins that are oval in shape
E. What Mommy wears on her eyes to help her see better

3. Morote

a. Someone who isn't driving nicely in traffic
b. A 1970's singing group
E. The device used to change the channel on the television

4. Overalls

a. Denim clothing that many farmers wear
b. Toddler clothing by Osh Kosh
E. The undergarment Mommy wears over her chest/breast region

5. Lello

a. A citrusy soda
b. A greeting among friends
E. The color yellow. (Just because I can say "yarn" and "yell" doesn't mean I should pronounce yellow with a "yuh" sound at the beginning...)

6. Lizard

a. Tiny Florida creatures which on occasion have gotten into our home. (ACK!)
b. A hockey team
E. A frozen sweet treat served at Dairy Queen

7. Fink

a. A vermin used to make fur coats
b. A person whom no one likes
E. A deep thought. (Ex. "I fink I would like to wear my purple socks today.")

8. Tail

a. The back end of a dog
b. A fable
E. Male anatomy (Also called "privates")

9. Fuh-ton

a. A silver stick used by majorettes
b. Joey Fatone's brother
E. The futon in our extra bedroom.

10. Yesternight

a. Four score and seven years ago
b. A Weird Al version of the Beatles "Yesterday" song
E. Last night ("Can we read the same bedtime story we read yesternight?")

You can choose the definition you like best. However, all of the "E for Emma" answers are the latest definitions at our house.

In addition, two recent Emmaisms that made me giggle:

Yesterday enroute to her MyGym class the Fray song "How to Save a Life" came on the radio. Emma enthusiastically told me that they play the song at her gym. She then began singing along...stating "how to say good night" instead of "how to save a life." Heehee!

This morning when DH was helping Em pull her PJ top off, "You forgot to unbutton it, you're gonna break my head off!" Ironically, he had unbuttoned it. And no...her head did not fall off.

This post was brought to you by the letter E and the number 4.

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Anonymous said...

I think at some point, you need to add to Emma's funny comments, "Thank you for the Valentines... I've used some, and I've put stickers on some. But some I haven't used at all... I'm just so excited right now I can't even talk! Bye!" :) ~LaL~