Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ooohwee. This is the time of year when I have the blahs.

Family: I miss my family. My parents and younger sister are in Ohio. I won't be able to see them again until this summer. This is the time of year that always goes by sloooowly as I anticipate seeing them again. My older sis will be moving from Seattle to New Jersey this summer. She recently finished her Ph.D program at UW and got a job at Drew University. (Go, Michelle!) I am hoping that her move will occur before my college "Girl Power" reunion in NYC, so that I can extend my visit a little and spend a day or 2 with her before returning to Florida. I hate being so far from everyone!

School: We learned at a faculty meeting this week that 5 teachers and 1 office assistant at our school will be surplussed next school year. The teachers will be notified by the end of this week. I am fairly certain this does not include me nor any of my reading department...but I am still crossing all fingers until we know for sure.

Friends: I've been making new mommy friends via Emma's weekly MyGym class. Last night we had our 2nd impromptu ice cream date with Monty and his Mom, Gillette (sp-?) after the gym. (Yea me! She was holding his tiny infant brother the whole time, and I wasn't even jealous! I wanted one of my own, but wasn't envious of her.) She is a stay-at-home mom and we talked about getting together for playdates when I'm home with Em this summer. I was also able to visit with Adrian's Mom, Stacye, while Adrian and Em were in class. It's always nice catching up with her.

Spring Break: Starts next weekend 3/'s almost a week until I can have some "ME" time and re-coop. Can't wait to get over the blahs! I'll have 2 "me days" and then will keep Emma home the rest of the week so we can go on outings and have some mommy-daughter bonding. I'm hoping DH will be off one of those days so he can join us.

Health/Emotions: My attempts at exercise have been feeble. I am tired and wiped out, and don't feel like doing anything. I just feel soooo run down. Not sure if it is the post-FCAT time of year, post-miscarriage (but it's been 2 I doubt it,) or if it's just that we are 3/4 of the way through the school year and I'm really tired/borderline burnt-out. Sighs.

Emmaisms: On a brighter note, some recent Emmaisms from my sweet girl...

3/16 Extremely excited: "Do you know what happens if you buy a Disney vacation package? Balloons pop out! Real balloons! And they look like Mickey Mouse!"
(Have you seen the Disney TV commercials where balloons fly out of Disney invitations people receive?)

3/15 After playing with two twin girls at the mall play yard for a while, she walked over to their father and said, "Is their mother dead?" (YIKES! Luckily, he laughed and said, "No, she's in the store right over there.")

3/14 Emma: "God's love is like a poomeray."
Me: "A what?"
Em: "A poomeray. When you give it away, it comes back to you."
Me: "Do you mean a 'boomerang?'"
Em: "I don't know. I was singing 'poomeray' at school."
(Apparently this is a song I've never heard before...)

Brady Bunch: Em has recently just started watching "Brady Bunch" reruns. Remember the episode where Alice goes on vacation and her cousin stays with the Brady Family for a week? The cousin is an ex-army soldier, who forces the Brady's to exercise every morning, be on time for "Chow," etc. Em was SOOO excited by this episode, which we learned was titled "Sergeant Emma," because---you guessed it--- Alice's cousin was named Emma!

Weather: This is the time of year that I love living in Florida. We've had weather in the 70's all week. It has been gorgeous! I love driving with my windows down and sunroof open. I love falling asleep with the window open a crack. I love the smell of blooming flowers that waft in through my kitchen window. One more week....then I can attempt to chase these blahs away at the beach!


Kristen Andrews said...

yes it is that time of year, the blahs set in but spring is now here!

Kymberli said...

So sorry that this time of year brings the blahs around.

I'm also a teacher, and here in Georgia there is heavy discussion of doing a 6-day furlough next year for ALL public school employees. Those furlough days would be on workdays. Yikes.


Nic said...

Happy ICLW! I understand the missing family blah. I live in the UK and my parents and brother and SIL live I Georgia, its a long way away and I miss them!

Lori said...

My kids loved that Brady Bunch episode, too!

Loved the pomeray.


MC said...

I love spring... and living in Jax myself, I can completely agree that the weather is fantastic! Even the wind today is just wonderful - very spring!

Your daughter sounds too precious!

(Here from ICLW)

nancy said...

Wow. For ICLW, I am clicking down the blogs and come onto yours. I love how you do the -isms thing. Why? Because I do that myself and it's the first time I've seen someone else use it.

My daughter's name is Ella and my first "Ella-ism" blog was written on March 21, 2008 - one year ago tomorrow. How crazy is it that I found your Emma-ism today, 1 day shy of that year mark? Or that before I named Ella, her name was going to be Emma?

Another weird thing, I went back to see when you started your blog. It was July 25, 2008. And your first post above the "welcome" post written on the same day? "Why I'm blue... " and today's post was "This is the time of year when I have the blahs." Blues/Blahs. (Well, I'm certainly not happy you have the blues and the blahs. But it was just another funny coincidence, you know?)

Okay, that was a weird comment for me to write so far. I read your post and I'm sorry for all the crappy things you have going on / having to deal with. But it is good to see you counter those with the positive - your Emmaisms, The brady bunch coincidence (we're full of them today!) and the weather.

Beautiful Mess said...

Awwww I'm sorry you have the blah's hon. Go for a walk and let the warm sun and gentle breeze wash them away.

Jo said...

Here from ICLW. . .I am also a Florida reading teacher! How funny is that? I teach 6th grade. . .and could not survive if I had to work year-round. THANK GOD for summer vacation! I am also counting down until Spring Break. . .10 more school days to go!

Happy ICLW!

MC said...

Thanks for the comment back - I don't teach, unfortunately. Haven't been able to get a job since moving here from NY, due to the budget cuts and all that. I miss it - a lot.

I hope that you keep your job, with all the current cuts going on, though!

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry about your blahs! I hope this week goes fast for you, so you can get to your Spring Break quickly!!

Love the Emmaisms...too cute!


tbonegrl said...

I know of some oher family you might miss up here in Ohio?