Friday, March 13, 2009

School Stuff

Evaluation: Had meeting with my principal this week regarding my yearly evaluation. We already had a post-observation conference a few weeks ago. This week's meeting was to actually sign the paperwork that gets submitted to the county.

His comments included:--"Teacher conducts comprehension checks on a regular basis. Teacher provides goals and objectives to students on which they are assessed."
--"Knowledge of subject matter is extensive."
--"Teacher is sensitive to students' needs and willing to reteach. Classroom is neat and attractive and reflects teacher's organization. Teacher treats all students with utmost respect."
--"Teacher is proactive in communicating with parents."
--"Has done an outstanding job as department head."
--And FINALLY for the FIRST TIME...since I recently completed all of my necessary certification requirements, I finally qualify for performance pay! Yea! (Though sadly, this is mostly based on how my students score on the FCAT exam.)

Budget: We had a faculty meeting on Tuesday. The principal gave each teacher a list of the jobs/supplies/software/utilities, etc. which the school pays for each year. We were asked to "balance the budget" and submit our ideas to him. Our school is losing over $240,000 next school year. We have already been told we will lose at least one faculty member, as the district will no longer be funding the position.

Job Cuts: County-wide, many teaching jobs will be cut. Several teachers will be part of the "RIF" (reduction in force) process. With my 6 years, I should be able to stay at my current school. I have more seniority with the county than 2 of the 4 reading teachers here have. The scary thing is that if someone within the county has higher seniority than I do and is RIFed from their school, it is possible they could "bump" me from my position. Our principal has assured us he'll do all he can to keep this from happening. However, there are no guarantees.

FCAT: This week students completed the reading and math portions of the FCAT exam. Science FCAT will be this coming Monday. I am soooo ready for testing to be over. Between the full moon, beautiful weather (it's been unseasonably warm in the 80's here this week!), Friday the 13th, and near end of the quarter, my students are extremely wound up this week!

Overall, I am hanging in there...just really, really, really ready for Spring Break! March 30th - April 1st can't get here soon enough. :)

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Marie W said...

They are cutting jobs in my district as well. It is a scary thing, as I used to think of teaching as "safe". My principal has assured us that they will not be cutting jobs at my school. We have 3 teachers retiring so those positions will not be filled. Hoping that is all and not mroe. Praying for your job security. I am soo glad testing is almost over!