Sunday, September 21, 2008


9/6/08 On humor: "Daddy, you're cracking me up!"

9/7/08 Conversing on the phone:
Auntie Laurel: "Hi! What are you doing?"
Emma: "Rubbing my toes."

9/8/08 On coloring: "I'm gonna color all the hearts pink, because I love hearts, because they love people very much."

9/9/08 On getting undressed:
Daddy to Emma: "Yes, it's helpful to take your shoes off BEFORE you take off your pants."

9/11/08 On getting dressed, specifically re-buttoning her jumper after going potty at school:
Emma to her teacher: "This dress is giving me a hurt neck."
Ms. Stephanie: "What?"
Emma: "This dress is giving me a hurt neck."
Ms. Stephanie: "The dress doesn't touch your neck."
Emma: "No! I mean it's giving me a HURT neck!"
Ms. Stephanie: "Do you mean that it's a 'pain in the neck?'"
Emma: YES!

9/16/08 On aging:
Crying and clinging to me, "I don't want to turn 4! I don't want to be a grown up!"

9/19/08 On riding in the car on a sunny day:
"God, stop it! Stop it! The sun is in my eyes! Turn it off!" (She said this with folded hands, looking up at the sky.)

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