Monday, September 1, 2008

Mail Call

Mail Call:

During our 3 "Fay" days off from school last week, Em asked if she could "make letters" for my parents. She was SO excited to do "arts and craps" and draw pictures for them. Em also decided to create a letter for my sister Laurel. This was all Em's doing---from the artwork to the gluing and sticker placement. She decided who she was "writing" to and what she was creating. Em was quite excited to go to the Post Office. She liked putting the stamp on all by herself, liked kissing the letter good-bye before dropping it in the mailbox. It turned the whole arts and crafts day into an adventure for her.

This week on Friday Emma received a really nice rebus type letter from my Mom. Grandma had cut out magazine pictures so that Emma was able to "read" much of the 6PAGE letter along with me. Thanks, Grandma! Em loved it!

Then on Saturday, Em received mail from Auntie Laurel. Included with a letter were packs of Dora stickers. What a hit! Em has used many of the stickers this weekend to create even more arts and craps! Thanks, Auntie Laurel!


Our 10 year wedding anniversary is next weekend. As of yet, we have no official plans. I think DH is off of work on Friday the 12th. Maybe we can get his parents to watch Em overnight so we can go somewhere? We are usually planners, but have both been putting off making definite plans for some odd reason.

Emma's birthday is coming up...
We are just going to have a family party this year. Small and simple. And I can't believe my baby is going to be 4! Wow! Where does the time go?

Happy Birthday Grandma and Grandpa! My Dad's bday is Sept 9th and my Mom's is Sept 20th.

School update:

School has been going well for both Em and I. Em seems to have adjusted well to her teacher Ms. Stephanie. She is in a nice, small class---only 7 students---which is great, because they seem to get a lot of teacher attention.

My school is going well thus far. I still have a To-Do list that is a mile long, but I am slowly plugging away at it. I am beginning to feel less overwhelmed as I get into a routine with my students. This weekend I was able to spend time reviewing both the Reading and Language Arts curriculum, so I now have a better feel for how to merge the 2 curriculums within my classroom.

I am missing the small family feel at my old school. Last year there were only 42 teachers on faculty at my school. This year there are 75 of us. In addition, student enrollment last year was in the 500s and at my new school it is in the 1200s. It's been an adjustment. Fortunately, the other 3 teachers in my reading department are wonderful. We are already a support network for one another and I've appreciated having a sounding board. Still no close "friends"...or teachers with children in Emma's age bracket...but at least I'm not totally alone. Whew!


DH has been training to run in a half marathon on Oct 4th. He has been running for about 3 years now. He has enrolled in half marathons on 2 other occasions, but ended up not running due to getting sick the week or two prior to the race. He seems more serious about his training this time around. I hope for him that he is able to run and complete the race this time. Go DH, go! :)

Guess that's all for now. I need to finish some lesson planning for the week.

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