Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Ugly, The Bad, and The Good

Whew! The school year is back in full swing and my blogging/free time are dwindling. Here's what's been going on this September...

The Ugly:

Last Wednesday 9/10, I was in a minor car accident. I had just pulled into
a parking space at a restaurant, when a man hit my rear bumper, as he
tried to park in the spot next to me.

When we got out of our vehicles, his first words to me were, "What do you want?" As if I had inconvenienced him. Sighs. To make a long story somewhat short, after I wrote down his name
and license plate #, we agreed we'd exchange insurance info inside the restaurant we were parked outside (because it was 90+ degrees out that day.) As I entered the restaurant, the man got in his car and drove off! Instead of calling a non-emergency police number as originally planned, I then called 911. The man was located at his home. He was cited for driving with a suspended license, leaving the scene of an accident, and careless driving. I'm still dealing with insurance mumbo-jumbo with his appraiser to have my car fixed.

Fortunately, the damage isn't too dreadful. And no major injuries, though my back has been sore since the accident.

The Bad:

DH and I spent last weekend at Disney World to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Though very enjoyable overall, I am writing a letter to our hotel to complain about the following:
--After calling that morning to verify if we could check in early (the posted check in time is 3 p.m., but we wanted to check in between 1:30 and 2), our room was not ready when we arrived.
--Brand new fridge in our room was still taped shut with the owners manual and styrofoam inside. It also was not plugged in. We had to move it out of the TV/Entertainment unit in order to plug it in, because the furniture unit was too large for us to move in order to reach an outlet.
--There were 2 flat screen TVs in our suite. 1 in the bedroom area and 1 in the living room area. The TV in the living room area was also not plugged in...and we could also not reach the outlet, again due to the large entertainment unit.
--The jacuzzi tub did not work. The whole reason we chose a suite at this hotel was because I wanted a room with a jacuzzi. I did have a nice, hot bath which helped my back...but it's not the same!
--Neither of the lamps on our nightstands were plugged in. The one on Aaron's nightstand even still had the plastic piece covering the plug prongs when he checked to see if it was plugged in!

Overall, the Buena Vista Suites hotel was really lovely. They have just renovated everything. The suite was roomy, CLEAN, and nice. The breakfast buffet was super. I think they just rushed to book our room after renovations without really checking to make sure it was ready.

The Good:

After getting over my initial guilt of going to Disney without Emma (DH reminded me that "Disney is one of (my) favorite places in the world too," not just Emma's,) we had a great time.
We spent time shopping and sightseeing in Downtown Disney---we had never been there before.

Aaron on a chopper at the Downtown Disney Harley store.

DH and I in front of Cinderella's castle

We spent a lot of time looking at the neat exhibits at the Lego store in Downtown Disney.
I especially liked this dragon in the lake outside the store.

Downtown Disney signs. We ate dinner at House of Blues. It was really yummy! But we were disappointed that they didn't have any live music playing at the time we were there.

Self-portrait while we were riding the Tomorrow Land Transit.

It was really nice to have one-on-one time with DH. We don't have many "date nights" or time away from Emma. I always enjoy our times together. Oh---I don't want to forget---DH sent a dozen roses to me at my school on our anniversary. He has purchased flowers for me before, but has never sent them to my work place. I thought it was very sweet!

More Good...

Em turned 4 this week! I can hardly believe our little one is growing up so quickly. We didn't plan it, but it worked out so that she had nearly a whole week of celebration. Weds she took cupcakes to school and had a small class party there. When we arrived home from school, there was a package from Auntie Laurel waiting on the porch. It was filled with great goodies (including a purse and wallet Em had requested,) but Em seemed especially excited about the book of 400 princess stickers.

Thursday we had a playdate after school w/ Em's friend Adrian and his mom. They gave Em a cool princess story book and the CUTEST Cindy Lou Who PJs.

Friday when we arrived home from school there was a package waiting from Grandma and Grandpa. It contained several books (thus far Em's favorite is the "Beauty and the Beast Look and Find") and a Dorothy costume complete with gingham hairbows and red shoes. (Em told Grandma she wanted to dress up as Dorothy for Halloween.) Em immediately wanted to try the costume on. It is SOOOO CUTE! I can't wait to post Halloween pics next month. Em really enjoyed having her hair braided in 2 pigtails and asked me to braid her hair again today. I love it...but it makes her look so grown. Sighs!

Today we had Nana, Papa, Auntie Amie, and Uncle Burke over for a cookout dinner and birthday celebration. Em had present opening and birthday cake time. Fun was had by all. (Kiddo wouldn't sit still for a nice pic with Nana and Papa. Bummer.)

Daddy picked this WAY COOL princess cake out by himself. Em loved it. (Note the "Princess" photo of Em on the top tier!)

Blowing out the candles...


Em's "Birthday Girl" badge was given to her by her teacher.

"I'm 4!"

Uncle Burke and Auntie Amie

Opening presents... (Shhh! She doesn't know the princess art supply kit was
purchased by Mommy & Daddy at Disney World!)

The amazing cake.

What a nice day!!

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