Monday, September 1, 2008


This weekend, I found a pile of post-its I had randomly written Emma quotes on. In order to better preserve (and organize) them, I'm sharing below:

2/14/07 On having to wait to eat Valentine candy until after the dog was walked: "Hurry up,
Viggo! I wanna open my candy!"

3/18/07 After going to Michael's craft store: "Are we going to the Jane and Mary Poppins store
with Daddy?" (Michael and Jane are the 2 children in the Mary Poppins movie.)

3/21/07 Enroute to ride on a ferry boat: "When are we gonna go on the Fairy-God boat?"

3/29/07 Emma: "Are you o-kay, Mommy?"
Mommy: "I'm a little congested."
Emma: "I'm a little cuh--con---con--I'm a little tired."

4/1/07 Emma to DH who was wearing his running clothes, "Are you gonna get sweaty and go in
the bathroom?" (He does always shower after

4/15/07 Going to church: "Mommy, you look beautiful with your hair." (I think she meant
because it was's not like she's ever seen me without hair. Lol.)

5/3/07 Riding in the car: "Daddy, is there a tissue in this car? I have a booger in my nose...and
one in my mouth." (Ewww!)

5/10/07 On a cat hairball on the floor: "Hey! Abby put her eyebrow on the floor!"

5/10/07 In the bathtub to Daddy: "You have little boobies like me, not big boobies like

9/23/07 "C'mon, Daddy. Be careful or Pumar James will get us. Pumar James is a monster!"
(We still have NO idea how/where she came up with the name Poo-mar.)

12/10/07 "Yea! This is 'Jingle Bell Ross!'" (When "Jingle Bell Rock" came on the radio.)

3/2/08 Emma: "Mommy! My pants are wet!"
Mommy: "What happened?"
Emma: "I tried to go to the potty, but suddenly, my pants were wet!"

4/13/08 On cleaning up so that we could leave a restaurant:
"Can you guys help me clean up this crap?"

4/18/08 To DH who was using the potty:
Emma: "What are you doing?"
Daddy: "Reading."
Emma: "Why don't I hear anything?"

4/19/08 Neighbor, smiling and waving as he walked into his house: "Have a good day!"
Emma: "Have a poopy day!"
Mommy: Embarrassed, apologized and shoved Emma into the house....

4/23/08 On being a Mom: "When I grow up, I don't know yet if I'll have a boy or a girl. And I don't know yet if Adrian will be the Daddy."

8/10/08 On why she was doing silly steps in our living room
"...and that's why I'm walking sidewards."

9/1/08 Impressed with herself for predicting the weather: "No one told me it was raining, but
I looked at the window and when I saw raindrops I figured it out!"

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