Saturday, August 23, 2008

During and after the Storm

I know it's blurry, but check out the sheets of rain coming
down in our front yard!

Blurry again due to wind and rain, but look at all the branches
and leaves in our neighbor's driveway.

After--lots of branches and leaves all over the sidewalk and yard.

This is the worst of it in our yard---some small trees bent and broken.
We are SO fortunate not to be one of the families with a large tree squashing the roof of their home or crushing their car.

Some product placement shout outs for items I spent time with during the storm:

--I finally got back into using the wii again. Hey, friends/family who have a wii game system. If you will add our wii number into your address book, we can send each other our miis. Our wii console number is: 0219 7006 0986 7312

--Shout out for one of my new favorite products: The PedEgg. I purchased one at a Walgreen’s while in Ohio this summer. LOVE it! My feet are the smoothest they’ve ever been. My preference is to use it just before bed, then wear lotion and socks while I sleep. And then wake up to soft tootsies. It’s super! Another product shout-out---the lotion I prefer is Bath & Body Works Body Butter. Smells great and is a thicker consistency than most standard lotions.

--Thanks to my Mom for telling me about this link. We used to visit this website frequently so Emma could play Sesame Street games. She isn't really into Sesame Street as much anymore, so we hadn't been to the site in a while. However, they have renovated their website so that it now includes a plethora of video clips from old shows. I especially love the Madeline Kahn and Grover "Sing After Me" and "The L Song" with Ernie and Bert. Smiles.

And finally, some Emmaisms from during the storm:

--"I made this with green, because green is a boy color. But it's o-kay that it's your favorite color, Mommy." (Lol. Thanks, Emma for permission to like a "boy color.")

--"Can we do some more arts and craps?" (Also known as crafts...)

--"Mommy, I have a question. Do you like fish stew?" (Um. No I don't. And when I asked what made her think of that, Em responded that "Little Bear's Dad eats fish stew." Lol.)

--To Aaron, "Will you marry me?" When DH responded, "no" because he is already married, Em said, "Awww!" They then had a cute little conversation about how she'll find someone special just for her. Emma wanted to know if it will be her friend Adrian. DH said she'll have to wait and see. :)

Let me end by saying that after pressure from their Union, AT&T did allow employees to leave yesterday. So DH was home by about 1:30 in the afternoon...after only 1 hour of work. Again the time is unpaid, which I think is crappy...but at least DH and others are safe, which of course matters much more than any money. :)

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tbonegrl said...

How crappy they weren't going to let him off work! Hopefully this week will be much less eventful!!!