Thursday, August 7, 2008

Zoo Day

Em and I went to the Jax Zoo today. It was HOT...but we
managed to stay mostly in the shade, stopped for frequent
drink breaks, and had a great time.

Emma fed a lorikeet

She was really excited when another lorikeet landed on her arm.

Emma and "Special Baby" on the zoo carousal

Emma shows the flamingos to "Special Baby"

Emma climbed on the stage, said, "Ladies and Gentlemen,
boys and girls..." and then began dancing around to the

2nd ride Special Baby got her own carousal animal. Em
thought this was quite hilarious.

She took care of the stuffed animals at the Vet station in
the children's Discovery Center.

We ended our day in the zoo's Splash Park---Em loved it.

Ahhh. What a day! :)

Emma's "Special Baby" (not to be confused with "Pink Baby" and "Purple Baby" or any of her other baby dolls) has been her security toy since shortly after she got it for her 1st birthday. She loves to take the baby on outings with her. Usually Special Baby has to stay in the car (because Mommy and Daddy don't want to lug her around.) Today was the first time I allowed Em to bring the Special Baby inside the zoo with her. She took very good care of her. I loved the way she made sure to "show" all of the zoo animals to her baby. I also liked the way Special Baby would talk. (For example, Emma in a sing-songy baby voice as "Special Baby": "Ooh! I hope the alligators don't eat me!" Then she'd respond as herself in a very brave voice, "Don't worry, Special Baby. The alligators can't get you, they're in a cage. We're safe." ) I also enjoyed when Em was playing in the playyard and asked me to hold Special Baby. She kissed Special Baby on the head and said, "You're too little to climb here. When you learn to walk, you can play with me here, o-kay?"

What makes "Special Baby" superior to the other many dolls Emma owns? We have NO idea. It is her "woobie," sleeping toy, and pretend friend all wrapped into one. I don't know what makes her special, but I know she is my little girl's first long-term favorite.


Anonymous said...

I love all the recent pics! Even in the short time since you left Ohio, I can't believe how big Em is getting! You are missed! It looks like you've had a great end to summer-- time with family, reunions with friends, Mommy and Em time, etc., etc. I know the mixed emotions with going back to school-- excitement and some dread. But good luck next week! Thanks for sharing updates and great pics!
P.S. Your sis who bought the Wii and Wii fit is torn between loving it at the moment and hardly being able to walk-- after two days at the fair of standing 4-5 hours a day, walking miles, and then using the Wii for an hour... Then yesterday I thought it'd be good to go swimming and try working out sore muscles, which worked great for an hour or two, but I can't sit more than an hour or two now without my back cramping back up. Ugh! XOXO :)

tbonegrl said...

looks like you had an awesome time!!