Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Does anyone ever read "Ruminations" by Aaron Karo? He started off by writing his humorous thoughts and sending them to family and friends. Now he sends monthly "Ruminations" to hundreds of people via email, and has published a book. Anyway, here is what I've been ruminating on lately...

--I spent several hours yesterday and today working in my new classroom trying to prep. After cleaning out the 2nd filing cabinet today, I think I have finally cleared out ALL of the prior teacher's stuff. Why she still had student work from 2004-05, I do not know. Why she kept 2003 FCAT test explanation guides, I have no idea. Why she did not take things with her (brand new rolls of leopard-print gift wrap, a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card still in the gift box addressed to her, a box full of bulletin board borders, etc.) I do not understand. Anyway, I am feeling like I truly made headway. It is finally just MY belongings in the classroom. I finally have room to organize. I think all teachers are pack-rats in a way because we hang on to supplies never knowing what we'll need from one year to the next. However, I have NEVER and will never leave a classroom in the condition she left it for me.

--I was the Reading Department Head at my school last year. I am wondering if I have unknowingly stepped into this role at my new school? The prior department head left (it is her classroom that I have moved into.) I do not mind being department head, but find it interesting no one has mentioned it to me. In the past few days: I received an email from our district Read180 coordinator. The email was addressed only to my principal and I. It explained that the book order for our school has been delayed, but that we will have them by the time our curriculum necessitates their use. I received another email from our school's Scholastic Consultant (Scholastic assigns consultants to all schools who use the Read180 program) asking me to coordinate a department wide meeting with the Scholastic consultant next week. In addition, I received an email stating that myself and my principal are the 2 Read180 contacts at my new school. Interesting, hey?

--I need to get my butt motivated to exercise. I was doing really well at using the Wii Fit regularly, and have totally slacked off this summer. My sister called this evening to say that she purchased a Wii console AND Wii Fit today. Go, Laurel! I must follow suit. I love the Wii Aerobics, and must get back in gear! And the balancing games are fun too...

--I got a new camera last month--a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS. Can I just say how much I LOVE this camera? No major delays between photos, 8.0 mega pixels, 10X optical zoom. This is SO much better than my old Kodak Easy Share. I also love that I can edit red eye right on the camera itself. Way cool!

--Also, I got my first Ipod back in April for my birthday. Can I ruminate on how much I LOVE my Ipod Nano? Aaron purchased an Itrip so I can listen to the Ipod in my car. The whole way from Florida to/from North Carolina, nothing but belting out my favorite tunes. Ode to technology!

--I had been wanting to re-upholster our 4 kitchen chairs since winter break. I acquired some pretty green fabric, but never got to fixing the chairs. Last week, I finally finished the chairs! Hooray! They look SO much better. The white chair below was the worst of the bunch. You can see the food, dirt, whatever stains from Emma. The green is a lot nicer. I also got an outdoor vinyl chair cushion to put on Emma's chair so the green does not get so soiled. This was the first time I had ever re-covered chairs. Overall I am very happy with the way they turned out. :)

--I must run. DH made lasagna for dinner...smells yummy! Tomorrow and Friday are the last 2 Emma/Mommy days of summer. I think we're going to the Zoo one day and to the beach the other.


Anonymous said...

love the newly-covered chairs and the girl in the princess nightie on them...and congrats...I finally got 50 of 50 on

Anonymous said...

I meant to tell you the chairs look great! I'm glad you got them apart and back together again okay...
(Now my real question is, after all the crap that was left for you in your classroom, since the former teacher didn't want her stuff back, did you use the $10 Barnes and Noble card wisely?) :-D --LaL--