Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crazy 8's

Last week, Sunny tagged me for the Crazy 8's game, but I was caught up in the end-of-the-school-year hubbub. But now, summer's here!

This morning I went shopping at my favorite store (Kohl's---new sandals for me, PJs for Em, and DH's Father's Day gifts purchased today) and I ate lunch at one of my favorite places (Tijuana Flats.) I finished my "ME" morning by talking on the phone with my Mom for over an hour. (Can't wait to see my family next month!) It's time to continue summer vacation with a blogging meme. Here goes...

The rules:

1. Mention the person who tagged me.
2. Complete the lists of 8.
3. Tag 8 more bloggers and tell them they've been tagged.

The lists:

Eight things I am looking forward to.
1. Having Mommy-and-Emma time this summer.
2. My sister Laurel's visit to Florida.
3. Our family vacation to visit our extended family (and friends) in Ohio.
4. Introducing my older sister Michelle and Emma to one another (in person for the 1st time.)
5. Summer reading. (Already underway! As I was alone for lunch today, I read during my entire meal!)
6. Fireworks. (I *heart* July 4th.)
7. Preparing some lesson plans and school-related stuff over the summer. (Sucks a little, but I look forward to having it done PRIOR to going back to school.)
8. Going to the beach. We've been to the beach a few times in the past 2 months, but just to walk around---no swim attire. I'm ready for swimming/playing in the sand/kite flying beach time!

Eight things I did yesterday.
1. Caught up on personal email. Went from 156 messages in inbox to 2!
2. Caught up on blog posting/reading/commenting.
3. Stayed in PJs until 4 p.m. (Sweet! Did I mention I love summer breaks from school?)
4. Delved into book I've been reading...I'm about a quarter of the way through "The Sweet Far Thing" now.
5. Took Em to her gymnastics class. Watched class and enjoyed it. Coach Kara said Em is "a natural gymnast." Awww!
6. Looked up movie times. Didn't go yesterday or today. Maybe tomorrow on my last "me" day?
7. Worked on some items for a retreat. (I'm a co-sponsor for my sister when she attends in July.)
8. Had a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal. I haven't had this sugary goodness in a long time. Yum!

Eight things I wish I could do.
1. Have a healthy full-term baby by the end of this year.
2. Play acoustic guitar.
3. Be a superb teacher without the need for planning or creating lessons. (Yeah, right!)
4. Sew. (Other than buttons, I'm clueless.)
5. Crochet. (Lovely baby blankets, warm winter scarves/hats, etc. Sighs. I don't get it!)
6. Run 5 miles (or more!) straight without side pains, gasping for air, or pausing to walk.
7. Climb/visit high places without freaking out. (I'm height phobic!)
8. Keep our landscaping groomed and looking lovely without assistance. (We have a lawn guy, because this it the time of year the grass, trees, and weeds grooooooow ever so quickly! He only mows every other week....but would/could mow weekly if we'd pay him more, because the grass grows that fast!)

Eight shows I watch.
1. Brothers and Sisters
2. Grey's Anatomy
4. Desperate Housewives
5. Hockey (Thanks DH for this list item. Stanley Cup final playoff game this week. Sweet!)
6. Private Practice
7. Pushing Daises (Big salty was cancelled for next season.)
8. Dancing with the Stars

Eight favorite fruits.
Insert Alana-ism here: WEIRD category!
1. Grapes
2. Apples
3. Peaches
4. Pears
5. Oranges
6. Kiwi
7. Banana
8. Strawberry
*EDIT: How could I have forgotten WATERMELON???? It's truly one of my favorites! Needs to bump to #1. Then bump strawberries off the list. Oh my!

Eight places I'd like to travel.
Alana-ism: I love history and learning about other cultures. So I'd truly be willing to go nearly anywhere if all expenses were paid. :) With that being said, here are the 8 on the top of my mind today...
1. Ireland
2. Machu Pichu
3. Disney World---for a full week at all 4 parks!
4. Spain
5. Australia
6. Italy
7. France
8. Egypt

Eight places I've lived.
1. Reynoldsburg, Ohio (ages: birth - 3)
2. Marysville, Ohio (ages: 3 - college)
3. Athens, Ohio--Washington Hall dorm at Ohio University with Michelle R.
4. Athens, Ohio--Shively Hall dorm at Ohio University with Michelle R.
5. Athens, Ohio--Lakeview student apartment #1 at OU with Sharon and Amy
6. Athens, Ohio--Lakeview student apartment #2 at OU with Karyn and then Vicki
Alana-ism: NONE of these apartments had a view of a lake. Just the Hocking River.
7. Jacksonville, FL--Lakeside Apartments---1st apartment with DH
Alana-ism: There was actually a lake here...on the opposite end of the complex, so we didn't have a view of it. We were across from one of the 2 swimming pools though.
8. Jacksonville, FL---current digs; our 1st house. This month marks 7 years we've owned it. :)

1. Mrs. Gamgee at Hobbit-ish Thoughts and Ramblings (If I didn't *heart* you so much, I wouldn't pick you for this stuff over and over and over and over!!)
2. Carrie at Letting it Out (You leave for a vacation at Disney World in less than a week, so I totally understand if you don't get to this!!)
3. Heather at Geek By Marriage (This is the goddess who SAVED my 3-column blog. Giving you an ode from Wayne's World... I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!)
4. Meghan (my rockin' sister-in-law-by-marriage) (At least that's what I call her. She's my brother-in-law's wife. Which means technically she and I both married into the family and aren't really "related." But, seriously?? We've got to keep ourselves sane from the wild bunch we married into, right? Therefore we ARE related! JOKE!!) Anyway, checkout her site and her cute twin boys over at: The Adventures of Tader Baby
5.-8. Sighs. It is TOOOOO difficult to pick only 8 of the wonderful women I've encountered in blogland. Not to mention the fact that many of you (Dani, Kristin, etc.) have already completed this meme.

I'm leaving #5-8 open for you, dear readers....if you want to complete the Crazy 8's game, come join in the fun. If not, I'm not offended. Xoxox


Judy said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I would say that it seems we have a lot in common. I live in Jacksonville, Fl, have a 4 year old girl, love Tijuana Flats and love Disney. Feel free to contact me sometime. My email address is

Danifred said...

I've been working on one of these crazy 8's posts forever... one of these days I'll get it done!
Sounds like you've had a wonderful time during your "me days" Reading sounds just delightful!

Beautiful Mess said...

Great job on your Crazy 8's! Your summer is going to be SO much fun!!!

Sunny said...

Thanks for playing along, loved your lists.

I am crying with you over the loss of Pushing Daisies. Did you watch the series finale? It's on my DVR and hopefully I'll get to it soon!