Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hello, visitors! Here are 10 random things I'd like you to know about me as I participate in ICLW for the 4th time.

1. The pronunciation of my name: Alana rhymes with iguana.

2. DH and I have been married 11 years in September (and "together" for 14!)

3. I am the middle child in a family with 3 daughters.

4. My sisters and I are all teachers. (Me--8th grade reading, Older Sis--just got her Ph.D and will be working at Drew University this fall, Younger Sis--high school Spanish)

5. I detest peas. Can't stand the smell, the taste, the look. Major yuck!

6. When I was a child I was fascinated by grandfather clocks... It started with Nancy Drew's "Secret of the Old Clock" (which turned out to be a mantel clock, but was a grandfather clock the way I pictured it in my head while reading,) continued with "Webster" (remember the 80's TV show?) who had a secret passageway hidden behind the grandfather clock in his house, and carried on with my middle school summer viewing of "The Price is Right" in which contestants could often win grandfather clocks as part of their living room "Showcase Showdown" packages.
When DH's grandmother died a few years ago, he inherited an amazing grandfather clock that his Pappaw hand-crafted years ago. It is now in our living room and is one of my favorite things in our home.

7. Other than one toe, I've never broken any bones. (*Knocking on wood...*)

8. Many things in my life involve the letter "A:"
--My 1st name (and married last name) begin with A
--DH's first and last name both start with A
--My blood type is A+
--I sing in the Alto range
--My birthday is in April
--My astrological sign is Aries
--My cat is named Abby
--I'm interested in Astronomy and stargazing
--I love word games. One Anagram for my first and last name is: Sandal on an ear

9. My daughter shares a birthday with one of my Dad's younger brothers.

10. I was having a rough time coming up with a #10. I asked my 4-year-old, "What's something you'd want people to know about you?" She responded, "I like to do arts and crafts."
GREAT answer---me too! :)

If interested in my IF history, click HERE

And last, but not least, a Happy Father's Day shout-out:
--To all the Fathers out there who have a child (or children) who is (are) no longer with them here on Earth...I know today is bittersweet for you.
--To my wonderful DH (From the jazz music played through headphones on my belly when I was pregnant, to the first time you held Em, to the wrestle-matches you have today, I love partnering with you as we raise our daughter. And I have extra love for you because of your support as we try to expand our family!)
--To my father-in-law (You cook and bake like a pro! And I SO admire your people-skills... you have the ability to strike up a conversation with anyone anywhere.)
--To my Dad (He's en route with my Mom right now from Ohio to Washington state, in part to help my sister move from Seattle, WA to New Jersey. Dad, you're awesome! I love your giving heart and willingness to help others!)

In closing, I'm looking forward to meeting new blog friends and finding new blogs to read! Happy ICLW week. :)


Danifred said...

Love the tidbit about the grandfather clock- I have a fascination with cuckoo clocks. I don't own one, but I am totally drawn to them whenever I come across one! ;)

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Ok, so you realize that you threw out a challenge there... I just had to figure out your last name. And I'm fairly certain I've got it ;)... too easy!

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Mrs. Gamgee---one of the reasons I love you is because you're a fellow word-nerd! Xoxox

WiseGuy said...

Hey Alana, even though I will come around and do your beat a little later...I just wanted to respond to your comment on my blog...

You can chuckle on my account, because I myself am! I bloat immediately after a meal, and I think I have a Bio-Gas factory running inside me somewhere! : )

I loved two things esp - the whole A thing going for you, and yes, I grew up reading Nancy Drew myself!

WiseGuy said...

Oooh..I am back...

I am an academician, my father is an academician, my maternal grandpa, two of my aunts, several cousins are/have been academicians!


Beautiful Mess said...

Hapy ICLW! Great intro! I love that Em helped you out, too! I don't own a grandfather clock, but I think they are just so beautiful. My in-laws have one and I admire it every time we go over there.
I might put in a call for help when Nae goes into 8th grade for homework. She'll be in 7th grade in September, but 8th is RIGHT around the corner! EEK!!!

Sunny said...

I am now freaking out remembering that Webster episode where he goes in the clock and finds that scary rocking chair in that hidden room.


Now I'll distract myself figuring out your last name. ;)

The Patterson's said...

Thanks for stopping by! Happy ICLW!

tomi said...

Fathers' Day is celebrated in September over here, so my dad gets an FD greeting twice a year.

Sometimes 4 times because I can never really remember when FD is in June. I am such a ditz ;)

Happy ICLW!


Fully Exposed said...

Hi Alana! When I ws pregnant with my girl Alana was a name that I liked because DH Dad's name was Alan. He was a man I respected more than any other man in my life. He passed away in 2001.


Gabby said...

thanks for visiting your blog! I, too, am looking for fun new blogs to read..

I really hope that you are able to get pregnant soon.. I know it's a bummer that you got that letter about insurance coverage.. I will follow your blog to see what you are doing. I can't imagine how frustrating secondary IF must be.

Me said...

Very cute intro. I loved that Nancy Drew book, too! - Tkeys *ICLW*

Kelli said...

Enjoyed getting to know you a bit! I am also from a family of teachers - my father, mother, sister, husband and myself are all educators... and, randomly, my older sis is an OB/GYN.


daega99 said...

Great to meet you. I love the 10 things about you!

ICLW #31

Tina said...

What a great introduction! I will have to remember that for future ICLW's! My mom read Nancy Drew books when she was growing up, and I loved reading her old books when I was growing up as well. I will have to go dig the books out whenever we have a daughter!!

Thanks for commenting over on my blog! I am trying to stay relaxed but man its hard.

I am always looking for new blogs to follow!


eve said...

Hi Alana! I guess I always say your name right in my head...woot! I love your daughter's answer to #10, so sweet. I like arts and crafts too.


Eve (

Erika said...

Hey, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I loved learning a little about you. I'm a teacher too, but I'm doing a first/second grade split class this year. You're so brave to teach middle school, that's got to be quite a challenge, but I'm glad you said you enjoy it!


Lorza said...

Happy ICLW!!! Love the info about the grandfather clocks! Awesome! I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books. :) Thanks for the comments on my blog!

Melissa G said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Way to go on the fun introduction. I also love your little tribute to the Dad's in your life!

Happy iclw!

Clare said...

I was such a huge Nancy Drew fan growing up I think I read every single one of the files! And Webster, one of my favorites, you just brought make some very lovely childhood memories!! Thank you.