Sunday, June 14, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Nothing new here. Just enjoying summer, even though it was already 94 degrees today. Yikes! DH and I took Em to the downtown water park this afternoon. (Free at Metro Park!) She was able to splash and play and wear herself out. Yea! All 3 of us napped when we got home. Gotta love summer days.

As always, I've been compiling a list of Em's humorous sayings. I'm posting the most recent ones now:

4/8/09: On getting her eyes checked...
"I liked going to the toptomitrist's office, they're up high and I like to look out the windows."
(TOP-tom-i-trist. I love it! Her optometrist's office is on the 3rd floor of a downtown building, and has an amazing view of the St. John's River.)

On making things tidy:
"Can you guys help me clean up this crap?"
(LOL...wonder where she's heard that before? Hmmm.)

: While rocking before bedtime....
Em: "Why do you wear your wedding ring all night?"
Me: "Because when you get married, you wear your ring all the time."
Em: "Yeah, so you don't lose it. Because if you lose it, it's expensive, and they won't get you another one."
(Bwaahahah! Not sure who "they" is, but she cracked me up!)

5/13/09: On gymnastics class...
"Tonight at the Gym, there were some mean boys. They were playing "Tackle the Kid" during Free Play. Now I have a headache since they jumped on me."
("Tackle the Kid." I've never heard of this one...too funny.)

5/18/09: Arguing because she wouldn't chew her chewable Tylenol...
Me: I need you to chew that up like a big girl. I don't want you to have to take the yucky medicine with a dropper instead.
Em: But, it tastes so sweet...I was trying to save it.
(UGH. Glad she "likes" the flavor...but perhaps it is too candy-like?)

5/23/09 While going on a long drive in our new minivan:
"Hey, those houses over there are dirty and ragged!"
(WOW! Nice freakin' vocabulary! I have 8th graders who couldn't use the word "ragged" appropriately in a sentence. Where does she come up with this stuff?)

5/25/09: Looking at a van similar to our new Dodge minivan:
"Hey, is that your Armadillo car?" to DH
(Because the "ram" symbol on the car hood apparently resembles an armadillo.)

5/30/09: On a sports car with a "bra" on it's grill:
"That car is wearing a coat! That's silly!"
(I've never understood the purpose of "bras" for cars either, Kiddo!)

Em has been VERY into jokes lately. She finally understands the punchline of many knock-knock jokes. Last night I taught her the oldie-but-goodie,

Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence,
Pete fell off, so who was left?

Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence,
Pete fell off, so who was left?

Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence,
Pete fell off, so who was left?

She laughed hysterically every time. Her little giggle is so precious. How I love my sweetie.

6/4/09: On outdoor bugs...
"Hey, I wonder if we'll see any of those grass clippers today..."
(Took me a few minutes to figure out grass clippers = grasshoppers)

6/13/09: Dinner conversation:
Em was rambling on and on about random topics.
Jokingly, DH asked her, "What color is the sky in your world?"
Totally serious, Emma responded, "Forty-one."
(ROFL! Whatever they put in the Kid's Meal at Moe's...I'll have to try it next time!)
(I think she said this because when we were painting her toenails this week, she noticed the "82" on the lid of the nail polish bottle. I explained that most nail polishes have a "number." Still, she cracks me up!)

6/14/09: On retrieving lost items:
"M----ooooo----m! I need help!" When I went running into MY bedroom to see what the problem was, Em was adamant that she needed the "lawn mower stick." As our lawn mower has been broken for several months, I was stumped. It took some Mommy-detective work to figure out that she had dropped something behind my bed. She wanted the yard stick to help get it out.
(Lawn mower stick = yard stick. Tee hee!)


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Totally awesome!!!!

I almost had a conniption when her answer to 'what colour is the sky in your world' was 41... I was convinced for just a second that she was making a "Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy" reference...

The answer to all life's questions... 42!

But hey, she is only four, right? :)

Beautiful Mess said...

AHAHAHAHA!!!! OMG she is adorable!!! I love the crap one! Zilla caught a show we were watching, and he said "douche bag HA!" after he heard it...oops bad parents! We need to get her and Zilla together. Can you IMAGINE what they would come up with?! We'd be crying, we'd be laughing so hard!

Danifred said...

Kids are so funny! I think the jacket on the car is my favorite!
We also keep a running log of our Tot's comments, it's too fun :)

Sunny said...

LOL I am so excited for Bean to talk so we can enjoy our own funny conversations. :)

Trivia of the day: The bra on the front of the car keeps it from being chipped by rocks and stuff.

Miss La said...

I liked Em's version of her joke when you left me my voice mail last week...
"Repeat and (*giggling*) repeat were sitting on a fence. (*more giggles*) Repeat fell off. Who was left?.... (*I wasn't there to answer, so Em continues*) I'll tell you, REPEAT! (*cracking up*) Repeat and repeat were sitting on a fence...."