Saturday, January 30, 2010


Lots of "icks" the past few days...

DH: Rumor-mill at work says their office building might close at the end of next quarter. (April-ish.) He's trying to determine if he should job hunt, or wait it out for definite answers.

School/Work: I had a "training" day yesterday and was able to observe for a half day at KMS, the school I nearly worked at when I transferred schools 2 years ago. (I was hired there before the principal at my current school offered me a job. As no official paperwork had been done yet, I was able to "jump ship" for my current school as soon as the offer was made because I felt great about my former principal during our interview.) Yesterday was a neat experience! The reading department head, Katie, is encouraging me to transfer to their school if they have an opening (she anticipates they will) at the end of this year. LOTS to consider....the kids were great. The behavior issues are MUCH less than at my current school. Like my current school, KMS has an "A" rating. Most importantly, the reading department is tight-knit and works as a team----collaborating ideas, sharing the work load, etc.....all the things I miss from the department at my prior school. The con: None of the reading teachers have their own classroom. 2 share the former band room with small book cases "dividing" the room in half. The other 2 share the former choir room---NO dividers....just all 42 kids in one room with half belonging to Teacher A and the other half to Teacher B. I'm not a fan of not having my own space. I don't mind co-teaching. I love, love, love the inclusion teachers who help in my room each day....I just don't like the 2-classes-in-one-room scenario. But it is definite food for thought---giving up my own classroom to work as part of a team again. Hmmm.

The "ick" is that the 2nd half of the day, I hosted Katie and another local reading person at my school. We toured reading classes. When we observed one of the teachers on my team he was doing things in his classroom that are against the fidelity of the reading program we use. I was especially irritated to see he had his students doing WORD SEARCH puzzles when we were specifically told last year NOT to do word search or cross word puzzles in our classrooms, as they are not rigorous enough learning tools for our students. In addition, he had mobiles made by students that listed adjective synonyms. Out of a ceiling full of mobiles, my colleagues and I could only spot THREE words on the mobiles that were actual vocabulary words from the texts we use in our reading program. WHAT the HECK is this guy doing?? He is totally doing things that are NOT in our curriculum. Now I'm in a bit of a the department head, it is not my role to "tattle" on my peers....however, it is important that my principal be notified of the teachers' off model behaviors. Sighs.

TTC: My biggest "ick" is TTC related.

I am SOOOOO irritated with myself for not starting to use the fertility ovulation monitor my friend loaned me sooner. I tried it last year, but wasn't consistent therefore didn't have accurate results. I was determined with the new year, I'd jump on the band wagon. I was happy with myself for monitoring my cycle so I could discuss it with my OB next month.

Photo from the manual shows what my "high fertility" time should look like. Note the DAY12 in the upper corner.

This manual pic shows "peak fertility" time. Note the DAY15...

This photo shows MY fertility....DAY 16 and still in the "Low fertility" range.

AAAAACK! I'm wondering if I'm ovulating realllly late, or am not ovulating at all. Sighs.

Need to run....Em IS spending the night with Adrian tonight. DH and I again have reservations at the Melting Pot.'s to fondue-ing my worries away. And shaving my legs...because ridiculous as it is I am still hoping that my increased libido (sorry TMI) means I CAN get PG even if the monitor doesn't correlate.

Did I mention it's been an icky couple of days?


GeekByMarriage said...

Melting Pot will make everything better!!!

Kristin said...

Ooooh, yummy dinner! Enjoy your night out.

Danifred said...

Only after I started taking my morning temps and monitoring EVERYTHING did I learn that I wasn't ovulating until day 18-20 and then starting my period day 28. Obviously, my luteal phase was WAY too short and I couldn't get pregnant. Once I had some info, I gave it to my doctor and he was able to prescribe some progesterone and after month 3, I FINALLY got pregnant. Have you ever used fertility friend on line? I found it incredibly useful! Just thought I'd share.
Have a wonderful date night!!!!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I don't have any experience with the monitor (altho I'm looking into getting one). Are you tracking any other fertility signs? Temp? CM?

I'm envious of your dinner plans! I haven't had fondue in years... Hope you have a great date night!

I will be sending prayers for both you and your dh... it sounds like there are some big decisions to be made in regards to work.

btw... it's snowing again. Can I ship some of it your way?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Danifred on the usefulness of Fertilty Friend - excellent charting tool.

I am so sorry this week was filled with so many icks, and hope that the coming week is better!

Keep us posted on the job opportunity - change is often good!

Becoming a Family of Four said...

I have been using FF for almost 5 years's a great resource for charting cycles. You should check it out for sure!

Sunny said...

+1 on Fertility Friend. That alone didn't help me conceive (it can't overcome endo) but I learned a lot about my ovulation. And it was super helpful for my doctors to look at it.

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Sorry sweetie I read this post ages ago but forgot to comment! Hope some of the 'icky' situations are getting better. Take fare