Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Randomness

ICLW: Welcome visitors! I appreciate you stopping by...

Date Night: Stacye (Adrian's Mom) graciously offered to babysit Em for her FIRST EVER overnight with a non-family member, so that DH and I could have a date night tonight. Ooh la la! I made reservations for the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant we'd been wanting to try. We hadn't decided yet if we were going to go to a movie, or were just going to have some "alone" time at home. Em was excited to sleep at Adrian's house ("He has bunk beds!") Then this morning, we awoke to Murphy's Law of children... Em threw up multiple times and had diarrhea twice today, thus we had to cancel the sleepover. BUMMER! Luckily, she has been feeling better (and has even kept down some Spaghettios.) As I type this, we're in the living room where Em is watching "Up," DH is working on his book, and I read a book and a half today. (I'm on book 5 of L.J. Smith's Nightworld series now.)

School/Work: This past week was the last week of 2nd quarter. It's hard to believe the school year is already halfway over! I'm still carrying most of the load for my department, but I've managed to create a grading and lesson planning schedule for myself that has been working thus far. (I've had the last 2 weekends with NO school as long as I don't have a plethora of meetings or conferences, I'm managing to stay ahead of the game.) We had a school-wide faculty meeting yesterday where we were informed that school-wide the majority of students are not showing enough "growth" on district tests, and we are therefore in danger of not having enough academic "gains" when our students take the state FCAT test in February and March.'s difficult to determine what (if any) changes should be made in instruction in order to best meet the students' needs.

TTC: My friend MEB (who kicked IF's butt and is currently PG woot-woot!) loaned me her fertility monitor. Which brings me to a question for my lady friends (Gents, you can skip down to the next "bullet," to avoid TMI girly stuff.) Ladies---I've seen mixed info on this on the Internet and plan to ask my OB about it next month, but wanted some input. What do you consider as "Day 1" of your cycle? Do you count spotting as Day 1, or do you not count until your first day of full bleeding? I've been considering my first day of full bleeding as "Day 1," and am wondering if this is the most accurate or not.

I think that is all the latest here, so I leave you with some Emmaisms:

On states in close proximity:
"I wish Grandma and Grandpa lived in a state that was only like 5 minutes away. I wish we could see them more often." (Me too, Kiddo.) 1/8/10

On sexy vampires:
"Look, it's Mommy's boyfriend! Let's make fun of her favorite guy!" (regarding Robert/Edward and Kristin/Bella's pic from the Twilight soundtrack on DH's iphone.) (Oops...didn't know I'd been so obvious! Giggles.) 1/10/10

On helping others:
Em: "I did a good thing today."
Me: "You did?"
Em: "I found some moneys under my booster seat in Daddy's car and so I put it in my pocket. When I got to school I put the moneys in the thing to help the people in Haiti."
Me: That WAS a really nice thing to do!
(Did I mention, I love my sweet girl?) 1/20/10

And my most recent favorite... On global consumerism:
"I'm trying to find the 'Made in China' tag so I can cut it out of the dress." 1/17/10
(For the record, it turned out the dress was actually made in Sri Lanka...)


Sunny said...

Day 1 is the first day you have full bleeding. If it starts in the late evening (e.g. 10 pm) some doctors will tell you to count the next day as Day 1.

I loooooooooove the Melting Pot, it is my all-time favorite restaurant. I'm sorry Em is sick :( and I hope you get to reschedule soon. I need to live vicariously through you -- I was hoping to go for my 30th birthday next month, but it's not looking good for that!

Marie W said...

My Dr. told me that your first full flow is day 1. Sending some love and hugs to Emma!

Danifred said...

I count day one as my first full day of bleeding. I don't know what the medical world would say, but that's my take!

That Emma sure is a cutie! I hope she is feeling better very, very soon and you guys get your evening out :)

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Like Sunny said... day 1 is first day of full red bleeding. TMI: my day 1 usually starts with spotting, but by lunchtime it's full flow.

I hope Miss Em is feeling better. Totally Murphy's Law... sorry about the cancelation of your date night.

Glad that you have a routine that's working for you for school.

((hugs)) and prayers your way!

Bionic Baby Mama said...

i go by first day of true red before 3pm...just because that's what somebody else on the internet told me, but she seems pretty knowledgeable.

Bionic Baby Mama said...

ps, i meant to say thanks for your comment on my blog!

i am easily distracted by talk of bodily fluids.

Kristin said...

Sorry your date night was a bust and I'm glad Emma is on the mend.

The Melting Pot is an awesome restaurant! So very yummy!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry date night had to be cancelled, but I am glad to hear that Em is starting to feel better!

And I am glad you have been able to work out a system that is letting you enjoy your weekends.

Erika said...

Oh my word I'm laughing so hard! Sounds like your Em has quite precocious, smart, and adorable! Sorry about your date night! I sure hope you get to go to the Melting pot! Fondu is one of my favorite things!! Happy ICLW!

Marla.z said...

I puffy heart the Melting Pot. Too bad that you couldn't go. Yum!

I have always counted CD 1 as the first day with full flow. I tend to spot anywhere from 2 to 5 days prior to AF's arrival, but I have always counted CD 1 as the messiest (and crampiest). TMI? Yeah, probably.

Happy ICLW!

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Yep, Day 1 is definitely the first day of full bleeding. I still count it as Day 1 though, even if it starts at night, cos it almost always does. Weird, and TMI, I know!
Oh my gosh, that Emma is a cutie! I love the one about the donation for Haiti.
Thanks as always for your friendship and comments. It means soo much to me. Hope you're enjoying ICLW!!

Anonymous said...

Bummer about Date Night but hopefully you can reschedule soon! And Em's thoughts are so precious, loved that, thanks for sharing!

Shannon said...

Hopefully you will get the chance to have your date night...The Melting Pot can be a fun, yet romantic place to go for date night!

I love your litle girl's donation of her found sweet!

All the best,
Shannon - January ICLW