Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Vacation Part I

Whew! What a summer! My sister Laurel visited with us in Florida for a week. We were able to go the beach and have some nice "hang out" time with her. In addition, we had our first experience at the Wild Adventure theme park in Valdosta, GA. It was fun and Emma LOVED her first roller coaster ride!

Em giggled the entire time she and Daddy spun around and around on the Dragon ride.

At 36 1/2 inches tall, Emma was finally tall enough (with a 1/2 inch to spare!) for her first Kiddie-coaster ride.

She also enjoyed the sack-slide with Auntie Laurel

Emma and I then travelled to Ohio with Laurel, who drove us to our parents' house. Emma and I had a week with them---going to the park, library, firefly catching, etc. It was nice. In addition, my parents' next door neighbors have 3 kids. Their oldest J played wonderfully with Emma and she looked forward to playing in their backyard with J and his siblings many nights.

Em with J (parents' 9 y/o neighbor)

Emma outside Grandma & Grandpa's house.

We were able to visit with some dear Ohio friends, including....

Shannon and her daughter K and their family

Em was able to see her twin cousins. They are now a year and a half old. And cute as can be! Just see for yourself...
Em and cousin J take a conference call
"Cousin S, hold this water, while I hold your forehead."

Did I mention we took our dog with us? He loved running and
playing in my parents' large yard.

Our dog Viggo(left) and parents' neighbors' dog Jasper

DH drove up to join us for 2 additional weeks in Ohio, before the 3 of us drove back to FL.

We met our friends at Young's Dairy Farm---what a nice day. We loved catching up with our former Florida neighbors who are now living in Indiana.

DH (By the way, I've had some people ask, DH= Darling/Dear Husband) and I

at Young's Dairy Farm

Me, MaryAnn, and Laurel
(My "Florida sister" who moved to Indy and my real-life lil sis. WISH I lived closer to both!)

KGP and Em

Em with MaryAnn's Kids:
NRP in front; KGP, Emma, and ZAP in back.

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You posted the slide picture?! Just remember how kind I was with not taking slide pictures of you at Young's. ;) Ha!