Friday, January 2, 2009

Emma's First Haircut

I don't usually double-up and post the same things on my blog as I send in email. However, the email I sent today with an update on Emma is an exception. The text is the same as an email message I sent to family and friends this afternoon. However, there are more pictures posted on the blog than were sent in email...

Hi Family & Friends,
Though she is 4 years and 3 months old, Emma had never had a haircut until today. You may recall that she did not have much hair until well after her 2nd birthday. I used to be very envious of my friends with little boys who had frequent haircuts so as to not look "too girly." We had the opposite problem: minimal hair, and the hair that Emma did have was so fair, it was difficult to see.

The past year, her hair has finally really grown and we've enjoyed ponytails and hair barrettes...

Today we took Em for her first haircut. I was really pleased with the results, and stunned at how much older Emma looks with her new "do."

Thanks to Shannon Kay for cluing me in to the "Cookie Cutters" salon for kids! Em was able to get her haircut in a miniature car, while watching "Oswald" on TV. She also loved that there was a play area inside while we waited for her appointment.

Our Christmas was super! As you can see below, we're off to a good start for 2009.

Love to all,
Alana (Aaron & Emma too)

This is a pic of the certificate Emma was given before we left Cookie Cutters. It says, "Cookie Cutters, Haircuts for Kids Presents this Certificate to Emma A. for bravely submitting to the scissors of our stylist and meeting all the requirements of a First Haircut. January 2, 2009." Beneath the text is a bag with a lock of Em's hair. The photo was taken by the Cookie Cutter employee who created the certificate for us. Awesome! The certificate definitely helped add to Emma's excitement! :)




My little girl is growing up. Sighs. And smiles.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, it seems to me, with her hair cut Emma greatly resembles your little sister! I swear she's your kid, not mine... However, if you want me to take her for, say a week or so, I'll gladly do that. ;) And I do love the new do!

tbonegrl said...

Emma looks so cute!