Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Update

LOVE the above comic! And yes, I SO relate.

Quick update: Had the OB follow-up appointment today. My ovarian cyst is completely gone. Miscarriage with Peanut "cleared out" (UGH!) as anticipated from my hormone levels. We were given the "go ahead" to try getting pregnant again. If I'm not pregnant within 6 months, I'm to go back for a follow up appointment at which time we'll look into hormone levels, possible fertility issues, etc.

I'm comfortable with this scenario.

However, I still feel self-inflicted pressure due to my age (almost 34). And especially due to Emma's age, as I don't want her and Kid#2 to have a really large age gap between them.

So I'm praying foremost for patience. And secondly for a pregnancy that "sticks."


tbonegrl said...

1. I love your new blog look

2. I am praying for you

3. I think I might call tonight

MEB said...

YEAH!!! Good news!! So glad you have been given the green light. You deserve it. I love the scrappy look.

Rick said...

Thank you Alana for visiting my blog and for posting my doodle here.

Hang in there. God is good.

eplafrance@aol.com said...

CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes to DH on his work promotion! Cindy and Craig Anderson of Jax Fl and Fred and Elaine La France of Marysville Oh share the most beautiful and entertaining grand children!