Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

Thanks to those who voted, I came in 2nd in Lori's annual limerick contest!
Big congrats to Erica at Parenthood for Me, the winner. She's won 2 years in a row...ROCKSTAR! :)

My Emma turns 5 1/2 today. Where does the time go?

FCAT testing is over and went really, really well.

My principal nominated me for a national reading teacher award! WOW! SOOOO excited. Don't know if I have a chance in Hades of of these days if I can get the meta-tag crap figured out (see prior post) I'll post the essay I wrote which she submitted with my nomination packet.

Finally starting to dig out of my March-is-very-busy hole. Whew! Think I can catch up on blogging by the end of the weekend. (At least that is my hope and goal!)

I leave you with a random St. Patty's Day limerick found via the Internet...

A lass one beautiful morn,
Fell in love with a male unicorn,
She purchased a spell,
Recited it well,
Now she's with him hooves, tail, and horn.

Happy Day, one and all! :)


MrsSpock said...

Nominated for a national award- go Alana!

Kristin said...

Congrats on your award nomination. You totally ROCK!

Sunny said...

Your limerick was great. Congrats on second place!

And good luck in the national award. That's quite an honor to be nominated! Glad your hard work and skill is recognized and appreciated. :)

Danifred said...

Congrats on your award nomination AND your limerick award!

Kudos to you!

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

WOOHOO! A national award?! What an AWESOME honor and accomplishment! And I LOVED your limerick - congratulations on placing!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Wooo hooo... look at you go girl! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

5 and a 1/2... I can't believe it. It goes by sooooooo fast!

And I am so stoked that your limerick did so well! Have I mentioned that you rock?

Thank you for your sweet comment earlier. I will be keeping everything crossed for you too, and praying that this month is the one!