Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pity Party and Last Disney Update

I've been in a Funk:
The past few days have been a bit difficult. Mainly due to "bump envy." I received 2 Baby Shower invitations this week. While I am truly happy for the friend and the co-worker I was invited to celebrate with, the invites were a reminder of what I don't have. Sighs. (For the record, I DO plan to attend the showers. I want to support my friends!)

Then Em and I met our friends Stacye and Adrian for dinner. Adrian quickly announced that he's going to "be a big brother." Stacye is 8 weeks PG and due the first week of November. Again---happy for her...but sad for me. And then I feel like a schmooze for feeling lousy. Sighs again.

Thus, my pity party began. I have only 3 girlfriends in Jacksonville who don't work in the school system. All 3 of them are currently PG. (Two of them have a child the same age as Em.)
Internal whining---why can't I be PG too?

My DH Rocks!:
DH was off work yesterday, as he is working today. So Thursday night I called in for a "mental health" day off. Friday after dropping Em off at school, DH and I went out for breakfast. I vented and explained my feelings. Have I mentioned lately that I am grateful to have a best friend like DH? He helped me to feel better. (And I appreciated his validating that I'm not a bitch or a raving lunatic...thanks, DH!)

Yesterday it was sunny and 80 degrees out! We finally had beautiful weather. So after breakfast and some Easter Bunny shopping, we headed home. We hung out for the day with open windows----fresh air blowing through the house. LOVED it. And I got hooked on a new show, "The Tudors" on Showtime....about Henry VIII. Cool show and correlates somewhat with the "Queen Anne is Doomed" book I recently read.

Anyway between DH and the lovely weather, I was able to pull myself out of my funk. (Thank goodness!)

Disney Trip--Day 3: Epcot:
I leave you with the last of our Disney pics (only a month late.) We spent the last day of our trip at Epcot. 5 out of 5 stars. We loved it---I love the "World Showcase" with buildings, shops, and restaurants themed from various countries. They've added a "Kidcot"area at each of the country locations----kids can obtain a diecut paper cutout which is different at each location. (A rocking horse from colonial America, a mask from Italy, a kite from Japan, etc.) Em loved collecting the items, and it made the Showcase area more fun for her. She also loved the aquarium, Nemo ride, and the ride inside of the ball (I can't remember its name). DH liked the roller coaster (can't remember its name either.)

Oops...I'm realizing some of these pics are actually from Hollywood Studios, not just Epcot. Anyway, here goes:

The giant Epcot Ball

Em and I with our rockstar wigs (in the shop outside the Rockin' Roller Coaster) (Hollywood Studios)

The Tower of Terror Ride (Em and DH went---I HATE this ride, as I'm afraid of heights and also feel claustrophobic.) (Hollywood Studios)

Another feature at Hollywood Studios Em loved was the Disney Playhouse show---included puppets with favorite characters from current Disney shows (Handy Manny, Mickey's Clubhouse, My Friends Tigger and Pooh.)

A long time fan of the "Singin' in the Rain" movie, I had to pose with this umbrella on a Hollywood Studios back lot.

Em also loved the Little Mermaid show at Hollywood Studios (sorry for blurry pic.)

A worker helped Em with a Chinese yo-yo in the Epcot World Showcase

Em with her mask and paper diecuts from the World Showcase (I love the eye lashes she drew on her mask.)

Em and I with viking helmets (gift shop in Norway area of World Showcase.)

Family pic outside of the Nemo ride with Epcot ball in the background

Em and DH on the Nemo ride

Happy weekend, all! I'm slowly catching up on blog reading and commenting and WILL be caught up by the end of the week----spring break time! Whew!


Marie W said...

I have MAJOR bump envy too :-(. I feel horrible when my friends tell me they are expecting and all I can think of is why me? And the pity party starts.

On the other hand - happy spring break!!!! I will be studying so have lots of fun for both of us :-).

sklay723 said...

I always love reading your updates, Alana! I'm sorry to hear about the pity party, but I was there years ago so I can certainly sympathize. Hang in there! If you and Em ever want to hang out, just holler...St. Augustine isn't far away at all and we could meet up somewhere (I know Meg and Jeremy would be SO excited to meet Emma!). I'm not officially with the school system and I'm not PG. :)

Sunny said...

I'm so sorry, I wish you had your own bump already! (I'm hopeful it's coming soon, though...) You are not a horrible person by any means. I still get envious of friends and acquaintences who get pregnant on their own, and here I am having twins. It's so natural and normal, just don't heap guilt on top of it. Let yourself feel it, and let it pass. You are still a good person and a great friend.

MrsSpock said...

I have bump-envy too. A friend just announced she was 20 weeks prego with #2, and I can't help but be reminded we started trying for #1 long before she did- and are now 15 months into try for #2. Phooey!

Danifred said...

I've had some serious bump envy lately myself. I just feel myself getting all weepy the moment someone talks about the latest pregnancies. Sending you big hugs!

I love the picture of you and Em with the rocker wigs- absolutely awesome!