Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Ruminations

School: Had my yearly evaluation signature meeting with my principal this week. She wrote that I'm "a joy to have on the faculty." She said that even if I don't win the award she nominated me for, she knows that I make a difference every day. She also said I need to keep the nomination in my professional portfolio.

--Due to the post-FCAT reduction in stress, and the recent positive feedback from my principal, I'm okay with staying at my current school next year. However, I will NOT be taking on as many roles within my department----at the very first meeting of the school year, departmental duties will be assigned if no one volunteers. (My principal okayed this---yay!)

Emma: --Spring break is right around the corner...I signed Em out from her school for her "vacation week." (She gets 2 vacation weeks per school year.) I'm hoping the weather warms up again, so that we can go on some fun outings. I'm longing to go to the beach for some shark-teeth and shell collecting, if we have a warm day.

--And we'll look into enrolling her in...GULP...Kindergarten. (One of the perks of teaching in my county is that our contract allows teachers to have their child/ren attend schools near where they teach (or at the school where the teach, if age-appropriate.) Therefore, next school year, Em will be attending the elementary school directly across the street from my school. I have colleagues whose children currently attend there, and haven't heard negative feedback from anyone I've talked to. We drove by the schools today, and Em seems pretty excited about being "right beside Mommy's big-kid school."

TTC: Had myself convinced I was PG this week. I had sensitive ta-tas, increased smell awareness, and was super-duper tired. When I made it to 12 DPO according to my ovulation monitor, I finally caved and bought a HPT. Yes, I know it was super early, but....AF wasn't timely and I was hopeful. My pink-line test was a negative right away. More expensive digital test showed an "error" sign, but I didn't bother re-testing. AF arrived the next day dashing my hopes of a baby-on-board birthday present for myself and DH. (Our bdays are April 6th and 16th.) Sighs. Totally disappointed. We purchased new ovulation monitor pee sticks today, so the TTC saga continues...

--One perk of TTC, is taking pre-natal vitamins. I've had amazing fingernails the past few months. I treated myself to a manicure today. Previously, the only mani I've ever had was for my wedding, and involved acrylic nails. Check out MY nails! (And the nail tech convinced me to get the cute flower drawing on my ring-finger. I was tickled with the look, and can't believe my whole total was only $12!)

This is a self-nail job I did last week. The wine color is darker than I usually use, but I received TONS of compliments on it. :)

TV: DH and I are stoked! We had the U-Verse system installed this weekend. Due to DH's work discount, we got an awesome deal. And our monthly bill is less than $5 more/month than we were already paying. Now we have TONS of channels. "Tru Blood" is recording right now, I can't wait to catch up...

Drat!: Have you ever had a scent that you really enjoy, but then the store that markets it discontinues the scent? When DH and I were first dating, I wore perfume and lotion called "Peach Hyacinth" marketed by V.ict.oria's I LOVED that scent soooo much! Shortly after we were married, they discontinued it. A few years ago, I found "Sparkling Peach" by It was similar enough to my original peach scent that I really liked it. After my manicure today, I went into BNBW to buy some more....they've discontinued their peach line too. Dag nab it! Guess I'll revert back to my non-scented Joh.nson's lotion.

Twilight: Anyone else purchase the "New Moon" movie this weekend? I didn't attend a midnight selling event, but I did buy the film yesterday. I enjoyed the accompanying behind-the-scenes documentary. :)

Books: One of these days I'll update my sidebar... I'm in the middle of book 3 of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. LOVE this series. The humor integrated by the author is superb. And the integration of Greek mythology within his novels is really neat.

Guess that's it for now. Hoping that the next few days I'll post the last of our Disney pics and will get caught up on blog-commenting.


Mrs. Gamgee said...

I wish that having great nails was a side effect of the prenatals I've been taking forever... my nails are horrible!

I'm so glad that things went well with your review meeting, and that you will be able to assign out some of your extra responsibilities next year.

It's totally great that Em will be able to be close by when she goes to kindergarten.

And I am so sorry about the BFN and the old witch! Sending many many ((hugs)) and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for a great review and for being able to spread some of the work wealth next year!

Kindergarten! Cooper also starts next year, and it is so bittersweet - he and I are both ready, but at the same time, it means he is growing up and getting bigger!

And I am so sorry about the pregnancy tease this week. Big hugs.

Kristin said...

Sounds like the school situation is better right now. I'm really glad to hear that.

Bummer about the negative. Hopefully it will be positive soon.

I am totally jealous about the good nails. Even with pre-natals, I don't have good nails.

I loved the first Percy Jackson book and I'm looking forward to the rest of them.

Beautiful Mess said...

The Body shop has a really great peach scent and you can mix it with others to make it more for you. I love that place!

Your nails look AMAZING! Love the flower and the pretty deep color.

Glad your review went so well. It's nice to be recognized for the hard work we do. Good job!

Sunny said...

Wow, it's been eventful in your household lately! Mostly great stuff, I'm so happy for you. (Those nails are ADORABLE!) Sorry that TTC hasn't lined up yet... keep the faith, I think the ovulation predictor kit will pay off soon.

Carrie27 said...

I'm debating buying New Moon - should I just wait until all of them are out on dvd and see if they do a combo pack? I've seen it in theaters, read the books, so I don't know.

Hoping that maybe you'll see that BFP very soon.

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Your nails look great in both pics! I don't normally wear colours that dark either but obviously it looked fab!
It's so frustrating that you are not KU yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you though.
Hoping you win that award-sounds like things at work are going well :)

MrsSpock said...

I've been waiting weeks for the first of the Percy jackson's to come available on paperbackswappers. Hopefully only 2 more weeks.

What exactly is U-verse? I won't pay for HBO, but I've been catching up on TruBlood on Netflix and really like it...