Saturday, May 23, 2009

Busy Week and Name Game Revealed

--School Stuff: Student final exams were this week. It's been a struggle getting my 8th graders to focus, since they've finished their final exam, they think they are entitled to "free time" until the end of the school year. Yeah, right!

--Good news: We received confirmation that reading and language arts will NOT be combined next year! This means I can focus on reading strategies and helping my students with reading gains. Reading and teaching reading are my's been a frustrating year having to also teach writing. Next year, things should be much better!

--Emma: I took Wednesday off of work to attend Em's Pre-school graduation party. SO cute and SO fun. (And I SO admire her teacher...I could NOT teach a class of 10 3 and 4 year olds on a daily basis without losing it!)

Em with her teacher Ms. Stephanie (Yes, Ms. Stephanie is young! However she is "certified" and has the ambition of wanting to one day run her own childcare center. She is energetic and creative and Em LOVES her!)

Ms. Stephanie gave an "I Noticed Your Talent Award" to every student. Em's talent was "Most Likely to be a Future Educator." HEHEHE! My 2 sisters and I are all teachers. Our mother was a teacher. And much of my dad's job consists of conducting safety-related "trainings." I am hoping this award is because Em is helpful and informative...and not because she's too bossy.

The class

Eating their pizza party lunch

My sweet girl

Nice banner made by Ms. Stephanie

Em and her classmates L to R: Wisdom, Kaylee, Em, Todd, Christian, Zion, Camille, Jarian

How cute!

Name Game Results: A few posts ago (click here) I posted a Name Game question to determine how many of my readers "pronounce" my name the way I do.

Drumroll please. The answer is: Uh-lawn-uh My family has called me "Lon" for years. :)

Don't worry if you pronounced it wrong. As long as you don't call me "Allen" like Mrs. Carey, my very scary high school geometry teacher did on more than one occasion, we'll get along just fine!


Beautiful Mess said...

Awww congrats to Em and her classmates! DAMMIT, I guess wrong for the name game! Now I know how to say your name!

Carrie27 said...

I was close, I said it more with an awe-lawn-ah.

Congrats to Miss Em on stepping up.

My students thought the same thing, but then they go their research assignment, and realized that the year wasn't over. LOL!

Danifred said...

I love the "noticed your talent" awards- what a positive thing to do :)

Hope Endures said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

What cute pics!! Love the "talent" awards - such a great way to encourage the kids. (ICLW)

Billy said...

Nice that they separated teaching reading from writing :-).

Emma - she's so cute! And Ms.Stephanie, she does look young.. but I take my hat of before her - teaching 3,4 years old sounds really difficult to me.

Regarding your name - does it have a meaning?
My (real..) first name is usually a nickname here for another (Biblical) name, and teachers always called me by my "correct" name, except.. well that's not my name...


Sunny said...

I was just going to comment wondering about the answer to the name game! Thanks for sharing... I was saying it wrong in my head. *blush*