Monday, May 25, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

Memorial Day: Let me begin with a giant SHOUT OUT for all of the U.S. armed forces past and present. I truly appreciate your devotion to our country and the sacrifices that you (and your families) make! "Let freedom ring!"

The Weebles Wobblog blog encourages people to take note of "perfect moments" that occur within their lives. I've been fortunate to have a few during this Memorial Weekend...

--DH was SO excited about the Stowaway seats in our new van. When carting items around yesterday, he was pleased with the easy 1-2-3 steps to store the rear seats into the floor of the van. It made me happy that he was so tickled.

--My sweet daughter was thrilled yesterday when she found a snail outside on our deck. She brought him into the house, named him, Sam...and spent literally a few hours hanging out with her snail. She was really disappointed when we asked her to release him outside.

Blurry shot of Sam

Em with Sam and his "antlers." (Aka antennae)

Close up of Sam on Em's hand

Last night we drove to Fernandina Beach---about a half hour north of Jacksonville. (Em loved the 10-minute ferry boat ride.) We had a nice time walking along the beach, enjoying the first rain-free weather we've had in nearly 10 days.

While at the beach, I had 2 "perfect moments." One-- of all the sharks' teeth I've found during the 10 years I've lived in Florida, last night I found my largest one yet.

Two-- watching Em run in and out of the ocean, smiling and giggling was SO precious. Love seeing her enjoy herself so much.

My final "perfect moment," is my new motivation for weight loss. (I pray that I stick with it, as in the past I have not been good about sticking to my weight loss goals.) I began run/walking last week. (Definitely more walking than running.) Yesterday, I purchased a NikeiPod device that monitors distance and speed while run/walking. Last night I went 2.1 miles....LOVED the motivation of having the device plugged into my iPod telling me how far I had gone. Plus, it has a cute little cartoon icon of me and my running stats that I was able to place on my blog---again VERY motivational for me. ("Print" makes me me more accountable than "verbal" words!) Anyway, my "perfect moment," is that I ran farther than I've gone in several years...this made me happy with myself.

Hooray for perfect moments! :)
On an unrelated note: I have my blog layout set up as a 3-column layout, but it is only showing 2-columns. Do any readers have words of wisdom as to how I can alter this?? Thanks!


Carrie27 said...

Lots of perfect moments for you! I hope the rest of your school year flies by.

Lavender Luz said...

I'm an inlander, so ocean moments fill me with joy. Thanks for sharing yours!

My blog partner, Chicklet, loves her Nike+iPod thingy, which she reviewed on All Thumbs Reviews. Sounds like you love yours, too!

Welcome to Perfect Moment Mondays -- so glad to have you!

Anonymous said...

what wonderful perfect moments. and what an amazing little girl you have!

thank you for your comments on my blog.

Anonymous said...

What great moments and what a great weekend! Best of luck with the weightloss journey - I applaud you for your effort!

And to get 3 columns you have to change the HTML code for your template - the following is the one I used:

Sunny said...

eeeeeww! a snail!!!!!!!! (I am in SOO much trouble having a son...) :)

Lovely perfect moments, sounds like a good weekend for you. :)

Alyson and Ford said...

Enjoyed reading your posts over the past few months. Found you through some comments as we are living in the same area (NE Florida).
Your daughter is a cutie!!
Have a great week!

ALyzabeth's Mommy for Eight Months

Kristin said...

Love, love, love your perfect moments!

As for the blog layout, is this a layout that has always been a 3 column layout or is it one that was altered to become 3 column? If its one that was altered, something could have been missed.

Marie W said...

Hey Alana! I nominated you for an award - Check my blog.

Anonymous said...

I loved your Perfect Moments post. Your daughter is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


mrsmoore08 said...

I just love the pictures with Sam. She looks so happy!

looking4#3 said...

Wow, you've been busy. I didn't think there was enough time to go by for you to get all of that stuff in!!! Please give the things you love/hate about the van. We are going to need to get one in the next 7-8 months and I would love your input!!
Anyway--could your little girl be any cuter???