Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Verifklaoputf8iowkemph. That's how I've been feeling lately.

Saturday: Went to the neat "World of Nations" event downtown with Em. Had a great time. Started to feel headachey and "bleck" by end of day. Went to bed at 9:30ish. Crashed hard. Hubby ended up sleeping on futon after my loud breathing (he said it was "raspy" and "slobbery" breathing more than actual snoring...) woke him. (Sorry, DH!) At least I'll have cool pics for Show & Tell next week.

Sunday: Slept until 8:40 a.m. (Em actually slept in!) Felt like I was run over by a semi truck. Head throbs, throat aches, guess I'll go back to bed. Wait! I'm already there...Stayed in bed all day and slept, slept, slept. After some book reading and movie watching went to sleep for the night around 9:30 again.

Awoken at midnight by Emma whimpering in the living room. Poor baby...throwing up all over the place. Rushed her to the bathroom, pulled her hair back, rubbed her back as she threw up some more...

...rubbed her back as she went back to bed. Went to clean vomit on carpet in living room, only to discover dog had already "cleaned" it all for me. Thanks, Viggo. Big EWW!

Monday: Em and I stayed home from school today. I felt yuck much of the morning, though not as incoherent as on Sunday. Tried to rest. Em played and giggled and laughed, sang, yelled, watched TV, ran around, etc. Sighs! Em has no fever and seems fine all day....she probably could've gone to school while I got some rest. Oh well.

Late morning went to Urgent Care. In and out in less than an hour....with Emma in tow. Sweet!
LOVE the Urgent Care center.

Diagnosis: Hay Fever. WHAT?!? Not strep, not Swine Flu...Hay Fever knocked me on my arse for 2 1/2 days. Some Zyrtec and nasal spray later....tired, but feeling "normal" again. I'm not typically an allergy girl...but apparently the pollen and "spring" got to me when we were at the World of Nations festival this weekend. Weird.

Tuesday: 12:18 a.m. Em just woke me with loud crying. Crap! Did she vomit again? I didn't prepare for a sub at school if I have to take off another day. Whew! Everything's okay....she fell out of bed, but isn't hurt.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming....


Carrie27 said...

Damn the media and making us all paranoid. I had three children with unexplained fevers yesterday, and I've got the sore throat thing going on.

Beautiful Mess said...

Hayf ever?! That's crazy! Hope everyone stays healthy! Glad Em didn't get hurt falling out of bed.