Thursday, May 7, 2009


Nothing really new going on...just some things I've been ruminating about lately.

--Allergies--My newly diagnosed Hay Fever is kicking my butt! I am thrilled that I don't have a throbbing headache as I did most of the weekend. However, I have a scratchy throat and mild congestion. Mostly, I am just SOOOO TIRED. The Zyrtec is helping, but it makes me so very sleepy. Seriously... I can't believe how wiped out I am. The doctor gave me a narcotic to take "as needed for pain," but of course one of it's side effects is drowsiness, so I haven't taken any since I was off school on Monday.

--Teacher--There is a teacher from my school who is in a chemical induced coma after suffering brain damage after having multiple seizures over the weekend. (Cause of seizures is unknown.) She's a cancer survivor in her young 40's, with a son who attends 7th grade at my school. It is just so heartbreaking...the email my principal sent to the faculty made it sound as though her husband doesn't expect her to live through the week. Makes me remember to be grateful for each day....
--She was the co-teacher/inclusion teacher many of my students had when they were in 7th grade last year. Thus, it's been a difficult week helping the students to cope.

--Home--DH and I are going on our first date night since my parents were here in November! Yea! We're going to dinner and to see the musical "Wicked" this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it. :)

--Emmaism-- Emma has been very into spelling lately. Especially opposites yes/no, in/out, open/closed, etc. Yesterday we were riding in the car and she said, "Mommy what does WEJZ spell?" She became upset when I told her it doesn't spell anything. "Yes it does! It's always in your car! You know, 96.1 WEJZ."

Heheeee. Go my little speller!


Carrie27 said...

I must have allergies, too. I had a sore throat and all that starting this weekend and I'm just now starting to feel better.

Sorry to hear about that teacher, that is scary.

Beautiful Mess said...

My allergies haven't kicked in YET! I did have a stomach bug of some sort that was TONS of fun! I hope your teacher friend does make it. That's so sad. Prayers for her and her family and friends.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Allergies just suck... that's all there is to it! I'm sorry to hear about that teacher. Sending prayers for her and her loved ones... and you too as you help your students deal with it. And I am so completely envious of you getting to see Wicked (it was our sole motivation for going to book our trip to NYC this fall)! Have fun girl!

Miss La said...

Sorry to hear about allergies-- and you're not even in Ohio anymore! I'm also sorry to hear about your fellow teacher; it's always so difficult to see someone from school face such struggles, but especially a staff member. Lots of prayers for her and her family! Emma's such a smarty-pants (and I can completely hear her voice, "YES IT DOES!") and loves her opposites! Awesome about Wicked-- just remember who introduced you to that musical though! :D