Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Adventures with a Traffic Cop

Oops...I don't have any pics of Em in her pretty Easter dress. Doh! I totally forgot to take more formal Easter pictures yesterday. The pics below show Emma's tumbled-out-of-bed-and went-on-an-Easter-egg-scavenger-hunt look.

She loved searching for eggs, opening them and finding goodies. I think she was surprisingly more excited by the hair barrettes and necklaces the Easter Bunny brought, than by the candy.

A close second to watching Em's joy at finding eggs during the egghunt, was listening to her tell my in-laws about our "adventure" on the way to her MyGym class last week. I'm paraphrasing, the was a little bit embarrassing beauty.

Em: Guess what happened on the way to MyGym?

Mother-in-law: What?

Em (VERY excited): Mommy got pulled over by a police officer!

Father-in-law: She did? Was she doing something wrong?

Emma (In a Conspiratorial Mommy's Been Naughty Voice): Yes! She was turning where she wasn't supposed to be, so the police officer pulled her over.

Mother-in-law: Did she get a ticket?

Emma (Excited again): Nooo. He gived her another chance! She just got a warning.

Remind me not to tell Emma any secrets!

FYI---U-turns are legal in Florida. This took me a little while to acclimate to after moving here, as I was raised and learned to drive in Ohio. I've adapted pretty well, or so I thought. However, on the way to Em's gymnastics class, I was stopped at a red light behind another car. When the light turned green, I followed the other car around the median, and proceeded to the lane I needed to get on the highway. This was when the officer pulled me over and informed me that I had U-turned in a No-U-turn zone. Oops. The rest of Em's story was accurate...I only had a "warning." Whew!

Another Easter Emmaism----today she came running out of the bathroom, "Look! I think the Easter Bunny used up all of our toilet paper. Let me show you! This is all that's left," she then proceeded to show me the roll with a measly 2 squares of TP left on it. That darn Easter Bunny! Tee-hee!


Kristin said...

Don't you just love how they spill our secrets? Glad you got off with a warning.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

that darn easter bunny! Next year, you'll have to leave him a note to remind him that the tp roll should be changed... lol :)

Carrie27 said...

Love the roll out of bed look. A's hair is usually in a big knot.

I, too, had to get accustomed to the legal u-turn. No warning for me, yet, though.

Beautiful Mess said...

I love the "just tumbled out of bed" Easter pictures! Those are SO much better then the dresses! Glad you had a great time and you didn't get a ticket!

Miss La said...

That's funny-- Emma's story sounds a little bit like a story I squealed to my parents on Easter too! ;) Haha, love ya big sister! I love all of E's pics-- looks like you had a great Easter!