Sunday, April 19, 2009

Show and Tell--A Girl and Her Dog

A Girl and Her Dog...

Our dog Viggo ("Vee-go") is 6 years old. He is a nearly100-pound mutt. When we take him on walks, many times people cross the street to avoid passing us on the sidewalk, because he is large and intimidating. Little do they know he is so very tenderhearted and sweet.

We got Viggo when he was just a pup. Knowing we wanted to one day have children, we would tug on his ears and tail, and snatch his food while he was eating. Don't get me wrong---NOT in a painful, abusive way...but training him for the element of surprise that kids often incite. 2 years later Emma came along. Her first night home, I was rocking her in her room. Viggo came in and was sniffing her---checking out the new baby. When he began licking the top of her head, Em turned her head, LATCHED onto his tongue and began sucking. EWWW! They've been the best of pals ever since.

This pic taken nearly a year ago is one of my favorites.

I took the pic below a few nights ago. I was doing school work on the laptop in my bedroom. Em came in and asked me to "tuck her in" for the 100th time that night. I told her to go back to bed and I'd check on her soon. Instead of complying with my request, she lay down on the floor in my room. Soon after, Viggo joined her. She fell asleep on one of Viggo's legs, then he put his other front leg around her for a full cuddle...of course I had to get the camera! :)

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Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

My husband got our dog long before he met me or even thought about kids, but trained him the same way - gentle ear pulling, snatching food, etc. Bear is now 10 years old, adores kids, and has never made an aggresive move towards anyone. I love the last picture - perfect!

beebles said...

that is an adorable picture! and too funny that she was latched to the tongue dogs love to lick the little one...great show and tell!

Taylor said...

I looks like Viggo thinks she is her Mommy! Very cute picture.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

oh my goodness... that is so adorable and so why I miss having a dog!

WiseGuy said...

So cool that you were able to capture that moment - Viggo and your daughter have such a very special bond!

Love Viggo and how he has bonded with everyone!

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh my Goodness! I love that picture! My son has NO fear of dogs. He wants to pet every dog he sees, even the HUGE ones.

Billy said...

I had the same problem with my dog - she was big and black, and people (mainly kids but also adults) were always afraid of her. And like Viggo, she was the kindest and most gentile creature imaginable!

That picture with your daughter sleeping on the floor and Viggo hugging her - so adorable!

I like how you trained him to being around children :-). I think it's important.

Kristin said...

Oh wow...what a sweet dog and what great pics!

Gina said...

This is an adorable picture! I can't wait to one day have my pups snuggle with my children :o)


sklay723 said...

Love the pics of Viggo and your daughter! We have a rather large dog, too, and she resents the kids slightly (she was the baby before they came along) but we know she would completely defend them if they were ever in danger. :)

It was nice to meet you...still laughing that I ended up subbing there not even knowing. I promise I had been booked before or during spring break. I'm not a stalker sub! :)

Jill said...

too cute! I LOVE big dogs :)


CappyPrincess said...

Too cute! She's lucky to have such a good friend in her dog!


Just Caz said...

These pictures are SO SO SO sweet.
I love the bond that humans can have with animals.
Its especially shown with children and dogs.. just like you've shown us here.

Thank you also for your very sweet comment on my blog.

X Caragh