Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break Days 2-3

Spring Break Day 2: I kept Emma "home" from pre-school/daycare and we headed to St. Augustine for the day. For some reason, Em was especially excited when I read aloud the sign at the entrance to the city that said, "St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States." Cue 4-year-old, "WOW!"

We live about 30 minutes from St. Augustine and I've always enjoyed visiting a few times a year. They have many neat historical sites. Thanks to my parents, I LOVE visiting places like this. (We had many trips during my childhood to state parks, president's homes, museums, etc.) However, as my sister, Laurel reminded me---there are also many tourist gimmicks in St. Augustine which I've sadly tried over the years. (Wax museum anyone?)

DH and I have lived in Jacksonville for nearly 11 years now. There were 2 places in St. Augustine I've always wanted to visit, but still hadn't---the Alligator Farm and the Fountain of Youth. I figured the Alligator Farm was more age-appropriate for Emma, so that's where we went yesterday. (A nice "bonus," I found out once we got there that we received a 20% admission discount for being members of the Jacksonville Zoo. Sweet!)

Apparently the Alligator Farm is the only location in the world that houses ALL 18 types of crocodiles. (Who knew there were "18 types?" Interesting.)

My fav pic of the day.

An albino alligator who was found in Louisiana.

Not joking----I soooo loved this Giant Tortoise. He was SO cute!
Em: "MOM! He's looking right at you!"

My "friend" the tortoise on the right, said hello to his little friend.

Neat bridge/walkway platforms so that you could walk "over" dozens of alligators.
They also had machines selling gator food for $.25 The gators "jumped" and ate lots of the food we threw over the bridge, Em loved this.

Up close and personal with the gator. We learned 2 key factors to determining the difference between alligators and crocodiles: 1. Alligators have more rounded snouts, while crocodiles snouts are more pointy-shaped. 2. When their jaws are closed, you can only see the upper teeth of a gator. Crocs show some of both their upper and lower teeth.

Em thought it was hilarious that these crocs were resting with their mouths wide open. She watched them for a few minutes to see if they'd move or close their mouths...they never did.

Fingers in nostrils and Special Baby in the statue's mouth...truly all Emma's idea. Hehee.

Emma to Special Baby: "Is it dark and scary in there?"

A bunch of gators.

On the tortoise statue in the playground area.

"I'm gonna do it again with Special Baby, will you take our picture?"

It's been years since I was at the St. Augustine Lighthouse. Turns out it was 2 blocks away from the Gator Farm. We didn't pay to go in, but we did go to the Lighthouse Pier, and took some photos of the lighthouse. Em was enthralled by an artist who had his easel set up in the yard and was painting the lighthouse.

Of course Special Baby didn't want to miss the view.

Though the day was overcast, I still like this pic I took of the lighthouse.

We ended the day by going to a park, complete with carousel rides for $1. (I've driven by the carousel dozens of times, but had never stopped there before.) It was a lovely outing!

Day 3: Carpet cleaning man arrived around 9:30 a.m. Living room floor looks SOOO much better now! Rainy and thunderstorms all day. We headed to Ollie Koala's one of Em's favorite local joints (games and pizza similar to Chuck E Cheese.) Sadly, they were closed "for renovations." We ventured to lunch at a sub shop, to Emma's doctor to pickup copies of her med records for VPK next year, and then ended up going to Chuck E. Cheese for a few hours of games. Only $10 of tokens...Em was so excited.

Tomorrow, Em will go to school. DH is off work because he has to work this Saturday. We'll have a "date day" (Yea!) and some housecleaning time. My college roommate, her DH, and their 2 kids will be visiting and staying overnight this weekend on their way from Ohio to Disney. Looking forward to their visit. :)


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Wow, sounds like you've had a busy couple of days! I love the pics (btw, I think you may have a budding super model there!)

Thanks so much for your comment today. I really appreciate it. And... pop over to my blog when you get a chance... I've nominated you for the lemonade award! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, so now that I see pictures, the Alligator Farm doesn't look as cheesy as I thought. :) Wanna go again this summer? ;) Haha! I'm glad you're having a great break! I can't wait to start mine tomorrow afternoon!! ~LaL~
P.S. You should check out because it's funny! :)

Carrie27 said...

St. Augustine will always hold a special place in my heart. My husband and I went there to celebrate our anniversary when I was 8 months pregnant with A. Just a great little weekend away before our lives changed forever.